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‘The 100’ 5×12, “Damocles – Part One”: 3 best moments (and 3 worst)

The 100 5×12 Recap: “Damocles – Part One,” Aired July 31, 2018


It’s night one of The 100‘s season finale and it was packed with drama, tension and emotion. It was good, but it had some iffy moments that we could have lived without. Let’s break down the good and the bad in The 100 5×12!

3 Best moments

#1 The Blakes. They have had a really rough season, but the Blakes finally got the chance to find their footing again (while playing dead). Bell was 100% done with his sister until she realized how bad she screwed up. To save Gaia (and her people), she goes out to draw the fire so Bellamy and Indra can get Gaia to safety. The silent, sad and emotional conversation that the Blakes have just before Octavia runs into the Gorge is the deepest convo they have had all season. Now that they are rescued, we can only hope to see a full reconciliation!

“My brother, my responsibility.” – Octavia

#2 Clarke’s change of heart. Clarke left Bellamy to die after he put the flame in Madi’s head – only he didn’t die! Clarke’s plan of action completely changes when Echo tells her that Bellamy is alive. Clarke immediately softens and her robotic, stone face melts away and she seems to come back to us. She decides to get out of Madi’s way so she can do her Commander thing, but we really know that it was Bellamy’s life that changed her mind. We are ready for Clarke’s redemption!

#3 Murphy (and his gun). Oh, Murphy. In this incredibly tense and crazy episode, you had Murphy and his malfunctioning gun. He ended up throwing the thing and blowing shit up and it was kinda hilarious. His victory scream in Rover felt like the first win of the season for our OG peeps. We’ll take it!

Diyah Pera/The CW — The CW Network. All Rights reserved.

3 Worst Moments

#1 The Commander/Lexa talk. We loved Lexa, Clexa and that entire storyline – but that ship has sailed. It has been six years and fans were promised a clean slate, but it feels like that applied to everyone but Clarke. And having Lexa “speak” through Clarke’s child is a little weird. We were ready leave the flame and it’s ghosts in the past.

#2 The Raven/Clarke reunion. We were all so excited to see this. We waited so long for it and it was not only lack luster, it was a little heartbreaking. Yes, Clarke wanted to protect Madi, but Raven and Clarke had such an amazing friendship and we wanted more from that reunion, not a gun pointed at Raven.

#3 Vinson. Why did he need to vampire bite Kane? WHY? Ew. Just ew.

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May we meet again!

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