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Harry Potter’s Birthday Celebration: Harry’s 3 best moments

38 years ago, a boy was born in Godric’s Hollow. The boy would soon become the most famous person in the Wizarding World. He is brave, loyal, compassionate, and fiercely protective of his friends. Also, incredibly moody, sometimes prideful, and impulsive.  Harry Potter, and his story, have mystified readers for years. In celebration of Harry’s birthday, here are the three best moments of Harry Potter from his years at Hogwarts!

Harry disses Draco

Harry had been a wizard for a very short time and when he met Draco. Upon meeting, Draco gives Harry information about the difference between the different types of wizards: pureblood, half-blood, and muggle born. He extends an invitation for Harry to hang out with him and his friends, but Harry rejects him. Harry, who his whole life had been ostracized, could have jumped at the chance to be part of a group, THE group by Wizarding bias standards. Despite his terrible upbringing, Harry is incredibly compassionate, not wanting anyone to feel like an outsider. He befriends the outcasts, instead of the popular group.

He’s adorably awkward

There are times that Harry is incredibly awkward, showing what happens when you live in a cupboard under the stairs for 11 years. Some of my favorite moments focus around his interactions with Cho Chang. Harry was never good with the ladies, and it shows. He described his kiss with her as “wet.” Always a good descriptor. Their relationship fell apart partially due to his awkwardness and inexperience. It’s a very human portrait of him, and one of the things that makes him very relatable.

The Felix Felicis

The Felix Felicis was Harry’s price for brewing a perfect potion during Slughorn’s class. Harry fake uses the potion for Ron to help give him the confidence needed for his Quidditch game. Harry loves his friends and would do almost anything for them. He gives Ron the confidence he needs, without using the potion. Harry intends to use the potion to work up the courage to ask Ginny out, but instead uses it to get a memory from Slughorn. This shows that he is willing to put others above himself, just as he does with his friends.

I also have to include this, even though it wasn’t in the books, it makes me laugh every time.

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What was your favorite Harry Potter moment? Hit the comments and let us know!


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