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SDCC Exclusive: Jensen Ackles says filming ‘Supernatural’ season 14 has been a unique challenge

We chatted with Jensen Ackles at San Diego Comic Con 2018, and he shared a little bit about what it has been like so far filming season 14 of Supernatural.

*Spoiler Alert*

With Michael in Dean’s body, Jensen has had to embrace a different personality for his character. In the interview, he explains that this has given him a unique challenge to tackle. He also expresses his admiration for the writers who continue to come up with such creative story lines.

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Lindi Smith

Lindi is the co-founder of Pure Fandom and a lover of all things Stephen Hawking, Doctor Who, Mexican food, and true crime. When she's not taking every online quiz in existence to confirm that she is in fact a [proud] Slytherin, she can be found moderating and hosting panels at comics cons, geeking out on podcasts, and falling down the rabbit hole of an unsolved crime.

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