The Bold Type Recap: 2×08 “Plan B”

The Bold Type Season 2, Episode 8 aired July 24th, 2018 at 8/7c.

Hey there, bold types! Did you catch tonight’s new episode? Ready to break it down? Let’s get into it!

The Name of the Game

This week’s episode was appropriately titled “Plan B,” and we get into the topic right away. Jane and boyfriend (yes, official boyfriend!) Doctor Ben have unprotected sex and Jane, realizing the mistake right away, orders Plan B via postmates.

Although that’s an interesting story, it’s not the main thing Jane deals with this week. Her pregnancy scare (if you can call it that, really) leads her to discover that she may not be able to have children at all due to her inherited gene mutation. The most effective preventative measure for her condition is an ovariectomy, so she has to decide soon whether she ever wants children.

Jane, in typical Jane fashion, translates this anxiety into her writing, opting to pitch an article about young professional mothers. The only issue is that her personal investment in the subject continues to hold her back from actually finishing the article, despite Jaqueline’s many requests for it.

Jane tells Ben about her mutation, and he goes into doctor mode, but Jane needs him to be in boyfriend mode. Honestly, in this one moment, it’s kind of unfortunate that Jane is dating a doctor. He’s too technical with her, and she needs comfort, not medical jargon.

In the end, it’s her girls that Jane needs. And Kat gets to the core of the issue — Jane is having trouble imagining being a mother because she doesn’t remember her own. Her brother fills her in over the phone; their mother used to sing them Fleetwood’s “Landside” at bedtime. The scene is underscored by a gorgeous cover of the song by artist Dagny. If you didn’t cry, you’re probably soulless, to be honest.

Finance… but make it FASHION

Sitting in for an overseas Oliver, Sutton participates in a board meeting. Told by Oliver to nod and smile, Sutton does exactly that when Jaqueline asks if they can cut 10% of the fashion budget for next month’s issue. Uh oh.

Later, when Sutton realizes that she needs more money, Jaqueline explains that it’s just not possible and that Sutton, essentially, needs to figure it out.

Oliver wants a shoot at his favorite bar, where he had his first New York beer. Unfortunately, Sutton can’t afford it with the new budget, so she improvises. She photographs every inch of the bar and recreates it (with Jane and Kat’s help, of course) in the Scarlet photo studio using thrifted props. AN INSPIRATION.

And, because when you work hard it really does pay off, Sutton finds out in the final moments of the episode that she is going to Paris for fashion week which is truly any fashion industry worker’s dream, and especially Sutton’s. If you weren’t already crying from Jane’s conversation with her brother, it’s hard to believe Sutton’s happy dance didn’t pull a few tears from your eyes.

The Edison Influence

Kat is targeted to advertise a line of beauty products due to her social influence. She’s an influencer now, you guys.

But — hold up — Pinstripe tells Kat that WholeSpa is featured in a friend’s upcoming expose. The seemingly progressive company is actually funneling money into a series of racist and homophobic conservative groups. So Kat, a bisexual black woman, is actually here to be the antidote to the company’s impending scandal.

Unfortunately, when Kat consults Richard about her dilemma, he informs her that there’s simply no way out of her contract. She’s stuck. If she doesn’t post the Instagram stories promised the company can be sued. But Kat, never one to back down, technically follows the rules: she uses the cleanser and she lists three things she likes about it.

Her exact dialogue in her post is as follows:

“I use WholeSpa clean wipes in the middle of the day because it’s a great pick me up. My skin feels soft, hydrated, and most of all, clean. It’s as if all the dirt’s just been wiped away. Just like how the CEO of WholeSpa, Eric Miller, is hoping that having a queer black woman featured on their Instagram story will just wash away all the bad press he’s about to get for donating to hate groups.”

In conclusion, all three of our girls are killing it. Jane with her emotional strength, Sutton with her tremendous creativity, and Kat with her impenetrable integrity.

Also (and this truly needs to be bold) Jaqueline is a BOSS.

Did you enjoy the episode? Did you cry? Be honest, we won’t judge you. Come talk about it on twitter @Pure_Fandom and @reagandpierce!


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