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‘The 100’ 5×11 “The Dark Year” Recap: Eat or be eaten

The 100 5×11 Recap: “The Dark Year,” Aired July 24, 2018

In this episode of The 100, we finally got a glimpse into the dark year in the bunker and it was as chilling as we had suspected. Through Abby’s guilt we were able to see the choices that Wonkru had to make and how Octavia’s (literal) execution of those decisions turned her into the ruthless woman she is now. Let’s break it all down!

Abby’s guilt. It’s hard to believe that most of this season has gone by and we haven’t really seen Clarke and Abby together. Clarke didn’t even know about the addiction and now she is the one who needs to help her mother get through it. We also finally got to see the source of Abby’s grief and guilt. During that dark year we have heard so much about, it was Abby that urged Octavia to make it a crime not to be a cannibal. And that is what ultimately turned Octavia into Blodreina.

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Bellamy and Octavia. Once upon a time, Bellamy’s only loyalty was to Octavia, so it is still hard to see him turning against her, especially in this episode. Yes, he poisoned her, but that still felt like he was doing it for her own good. This is the first time we have ever heard him tell her that he is picking other “family members” over her. And it hurts.

The dark year. Now we finally know what happened in the dark year and how it made everyone in the bunker so f*cked up. Basically, they ate some folks to survive. We had all suspected that those who died in the fighting pits were the ones that they ate to survive, but it didn’t make it any easier to watch. (Seriously, ew.)

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Birth of Blodreina. It didn’t end with just simply eating people to survive. At Abby’s urging, Octavia took stronger measures to make sure that people didn’t waste away from starvation. Eat or die, that was the motto, but it wasn’t just about survival. You eat and join Wonkru or Octavia will kill you. Watching Octavia sobbing as she executed the non-compliant was heartbreaking. She killed Octavia the moment she pulled trigger and killed the man who refused to eat.

Echo. This woman continues to impress me. She was the snaky spy that tried to kill everyone we loved (multiple times), but now she is spying and planning to keep her people (our people) alive. One thing that makes us nervous is that the three heads of these sides are three of our favorite people. Echo, Clarke and Octavia are going to clash soon and it won’t be pretty.

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Madi, the wise. Now that Madi has the chip she knows may more than Clarke was ever willing to tell her. Knowing what Octavia went through, Madi understands and also likens Octavia’s sacrifice to Clarke’s in Mount Weather. It’s so crazy to think about Madi losing all of her innocence now that she knows the stories that Clarke never wanted to tell her.

Raven and Shaw. Hells yeah. FINALLY, a love story for Raven that isn’t just footnote in someone else’s! It was clear these two were into each other so seeing them finally kiss is so refreshing and a nice break from the tension and angst of this season so far.

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War is coming in the next episode and even though it has been building to this all season, we aren’t super ready. There’s just no way they can all make it out alive!

Quotes to rip your heart out:

“You eat or you die.” – Octavia

“I’m not fighting for you, I’m fighting to get back to my family.” – Bellamy to Octavia

“Enjoy your walk.” – Bellamy

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May we meet again!

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