‘Southern Charm’ season 5 reunion part 1: Craig on the rampage

Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion Part 1, Aired Thursday July 19, 2018.

After a very tumultuous season, we have arrived to the Southern Charm season 5 reunion. Viewers were shocked by some of the worst behavior in reality TV history this season. Even Chrissy Teigen was appalled. However, part 1 of the reunion could have been better. The finale was so dramatic that part 1 seemed mild. Bravo hyped Ashley’s record-breaking interview, and yet we just saw her getting ready. We know Ashley sat with the cast for a very long time. So, where’s the footage? Where are the tapes, Bravo?! The people demand it!

'Southern Charm' Season 5 Reunion Part 1

Craig’s achy breaky heart

Craig had way too much time to try and play the victim. He and Naomie literally bickered the entire season. Craig finally had a come-to-Jesus moment and realized his life was a mess. By that time, it was too late. No one wants to be in a relationship with a compulsive liar who refuses to accept responsibility. Craig saying he never lies is suspicious AF. Everyone lies at some point. If you were to ask me if I broke my diet today, I’d tell you I didn’t and hide the wrappers. Plus, it’s documented how rude, dirty, and lazy he is. Craig procrastinates and gets angry when it bites him in the ass. Naomie has her life in order. She finished school, helps her parents with NICO, and started her own fashion line. He makes pillows. Then again, they aren’t even stuffed so do they really count?

'Southern Charm' season 5 reunion part 1

We’ll cut Craig some slack and admit Naomie was harsh and rude this season. Unfortunately, after seeing the reunion, we get it. She’s fed up. Craig is still trying to paint her as the villain. It’s been months, dude. Get over it. Y’all had a relationship, it didn’t work out, you should’ve moved on.

Mommas unite, #Camryn4Life

Cameran and Kathryn’s developing friendship was the best part, hands down. Cameran has been exceptionally cruel towards Kathryn over the years. However, Kathryn still found the ability to forgive her. Side note: why is that when guys do something ridiculous society says, “Oh, they’re just a child,” even when they’re an adult? Meanwhile, young women are held to a much higher standard of responsibility. It’s unfair and it seems a variation of that mentality influenced Cam’s behavior. Luckily, both women have grown and are open with each other. Thanks to motherhood, Cameran has a much better understanding of Kathryn’s strength.

Craig, Shep, or Austen for baby P

Shep is sweet, caring, and educated. He also makes money appear out of nowhere, I mean he has unknown investments. Craig is finally an attorney and it’s good that he’s working pro bono to help those who need it. Austen has his own beer and maybe one day it’ll be sold outside of Charleston. When that happens, please come to Florida.

When Andy asked Cam who she would want Palmer to date, she had a lot to consider. Shep seemed like the clear winner, but it was Austen who won the race! I guess Shep’s commitment issues and Craig’s “speak, Child.” antics took them out of the running. Craig definitely looked like he took that personally. It’s okay Craig, maybe you’ll be the top choice for the next Southern Charm newborn.

Where’s Thomas Ravenel?

Thomas Ravenel will not be appearing in the reunion. It is by far the best decision he’s made (or was forced to make). The same cannot be said for his significant other. Ashley Jacobs will be crashing the party and the hopes of anyone who thinks she can be a better person. Thomas’ attorney did send in a statement which Andy recited somewhat awkwardly. It basically said, “My client might go to jail and our PR team does not trust him.”

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Southern Charm returns Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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