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SDCC ‘Arrow’: Rick Gonzalez discusses the impact of fatherhood on Rene [VIDEO]

At SDCC 2018, Arrow star Rick Gonzalez gave us the scoop on how fatherhood will impact Rene and his decisions in Season 7. The theme of superheroes and their kids is something that Arrow has spent a lot of time working through. We see these parent characters constantly putting themselves in danger to protect the city, but by risking their safety they are constantly toying with the emotional lives of their children (even if they don’t know it).

“He is a father and he’s committed to that whole-hearted.” – Rick Gonzalez (on his Arrow character, Rene)

Gonzalez breaks down the impact of Rene’s choices on his daughter and what he wants to see with their bond in Season 7. Gonzalez also discusses the returning characters and even gets a little love from Colton Haynes!


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Arrow returns on The CW October 15, 2018!


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