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SDCC Exclusive: Misha Collins previews Cas and Jack’s relationship in ‘Supernatural’ season 14

Misha Collins previews what fans can expect in Supernatural season 14 and then dives deep into Castiel’s mentality and relationship with Jack. Check out these San Diego Comic Con interviews with Collins for all the deets!

Misha Collins gives the lowdown on the Supernatural characters in the next season:

Misha Collins explains Castiel’s mentality and his upcoming relationship with Jack:

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Lindi Smith

Lindi is the co-founder of Pure Fandom and a lover of all things Stephen Hawking, Doctor Who, Mexican food, and true crime. When she's not taking every online quiz in existence to confirm that she is in fact a [proud] Slytherin, she can be found moderating and hosting panels at comics cons, geeking out on podcasts, and falling down the rabbit hole of an unsolved crime.

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