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‘Legacies’ trailer at SDCC: Is Hope Mikaelson a hero or villain?

The Vampire Diaries fans, rejoice! The first trailer for The Originals spinoff glimpses briefly into the history of the beloved TVD-verse, and introducing the new show’s theme: friendship. Starring Originals costar Danielle Rose Russell (who plays Hope Mikaelson) and TVD star Matthew Davis (historian Alaric Saltzman), the series will dive into coming-of-age dramas for the teenaged students at the Salvatore School, but of course with a supernatural twist.

During the panel and press rooms following, series creator Julie Plec shared how the show takes on a new perspective in the Vampire Diaries world, centering the series around friendship. Hope will struggle finding her place in the world, being the only one of her kind. Alaric Saltzman’s now-grown daughters (who he had with his former wife Jo Parker but raised with Caroline Forbes, long story!) Josie and Lizzie will serve as Hope’s rivals—but hopefully turn into close friends.

Stay tuned for videos from our Legacies press room interviews! Check back on our SDCC 2018 page!

Watch the Legacies trailer from SDCC, starring Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson

Featured image: The CW

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