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Julie Plec at SDCC 2018: ‘Originals’ spinoff ‘Legacies’ is about friendship

During San Diego Comic Con, fans of The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff The Originals were gifted with a teaser trailer for the latter show’s spinoff, Legacies, starring Originals costar Danielle Rose Russell (who plays Hope Mikaelson) and TVD star Matthew Davis (historian Alaric Saltzman). TVD-verse queen and creator Julie Plec will serve as showrunner, and she shared new details into The CW show’s premise in the press room following the panel.

When asked about what this show is about—The Vampire Diaries focused on love, The Originals focused on family—Julie responded, “this show is about friendship.”

The show centers around its lead character Hope Mikaelson and the events in The Originals that lead up to the Legacies premiere. Fans of The Originals will know that Hope has had one heck of a difficult childhood—losing her mother, harboring an evil darkness inside her to destroy the world, just to name a few of those hardships. Julie dives into how Hope will cope with classic coming-of-age tribulations, as well as finding a family within friends having lost her crutch, her strength—her mother.

Don’t worry, Caroline Forbes, fans—there’s still “Hope” for her appearance in Legacies!

Oh, and for all the Caroline Forbes fans out there, Julie confirmed in our press room that there’s ALWAYS room for the actress who plays the much-loved role, Candice Accola “until the end of time” to join the show.

Other fun tidbits from Julie Plec in the Legacies SDCC press room

As you all know, I’m a MASSIVE, forever fan of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and my husband took my place in the Legacies press room (because he’s amazing) while I was attending another obligation. Because he’s so damn kickass, he relayed to Julie that I read her Originals novel series on our honeymoon, that I loved them, and asked if she’ll write more. Julie enthusiastically responded that she’d LOVE to write more novels within the universe, possibly focusing on the first Legacies class of the Salvatore school pre-Hope. How awesome would that be?!

Stay tuned for videos from our Legacies press room interviews! Check back on our SDCC 2018 page!

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