PF Awards 2018

2018 Pure Fandom TV Awards Winners

(2018 Pure Fandom TV Awards winners were verified by

First, thank you so much for voting and sharing your fandom loves with us. Each and every fandom in this poll series is absolutely amazing and passionate AF. At SDCC 2018, we had the joy of meeting many of these casts and seeing the fans live and in person. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

NOTE: If you do not see the winners below, click to view here! We are doing everything we can to accommodate the high traffic of the voting.

Verified results for the 2018 Pure Fandom TV Awards:


Oh, but that’s not all!

This year we have a very special award to give away to a very incredible fandom that has demonstrated their passion and love for their TV show time and time again! From billboards to banners to bikes, this fandom has completely blown us all away and deserves their own award!

The 2018 TV Pure Fan-spiration Award goes to:



Thank you all so much for voting in the 2018 Pure Fandom TV Awards!!!

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