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‘Nightflyers’ star Jodie Turner Smith dishes on her mysterious role in George RR Martin series

Syfy’s new Nightflyers series (from the mind of George RR Martin) is sure to scare unlike any TV show before it, says the series executive producers. During San Diego Comic Con, we sat down with the producers and cast as they dove into the terrifying world developed by Martin. Two of the series stars, Jodie Turner Smith who plays genetically-modified human Melantha Jhirl, and Eoin Macken who plays Karl D’Branin (see video below), shared how they were surprised by each character’s arcs, each with their own terrifying journey.

Syfy’s ‘Nightflyers’ from George RR Martin: Cast talks insane spaceship set at SDCC 2018

Jodie provides more insight into her character and how even though she is human, she has been genetically modified to be a certain way. Tune in to the video below for more details on the horror fantasy series.

SDCC 2018: Syfy’s ‘Nightflyers’ EPs share how the horror fantasy is unlike anything we’ve seen

Jodie Turner Smith dishes on her mysterious role in George RR Martin’s Nightflyers series

Nightflyers is set to premiere this year on Syfy.

Featured image: Syfy


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