Predictions for the backhalf of ‘Younger’ season 5

After a quick fright when I thought season 5 of Younger somehow only contained 9 episodes instead of 12 (thanks, Wikipedia), and went through a momentary “whyyyyy” spiral since there would only be 3 eps left, all is well and we’re now officially past the halfway point of this season!

Which, on one hand is still sad because I’d like Younger in my life year-round, but it also means we’re likely onto more exciting things leading to a season finale cliffhanger! (Hopefully not involvig any sudden Irish add-ons though)
Anyway, here are a few thoughts about what I hope will happen before this season ends! Full disclaimer: not all of these are based on reality.

  • Charles and Liza will finally get together reconcile

OK, OK, Charles is understandably angry at Liza for lying, and he’s especially distraught since he’s, ya know, in love with her. I get it. That being said, while angry Charles has been enjoyable enough, let’s bring back “And I don’t know why you’re dating a 40-something guy in publishing who isn’t me,” Charles.


Methinks things are going to change starting from this upcoming episode though.

  • Kelsey will pick…herself

While both men seem like good options (actually, scratch that, Zayn is kind of the worst), sleeping with your author seems deeply unprofessional, not to mention messy, and Zayn is just pure trouble.
Sure, Kelsey has broken away from her never-ending streak of twin-like blond boyfriends, which is a plus. But doesn’t she deserve better? She’s a successful editor with her own imprint, the world is at your feet, girl! If I had to choose though, author guy gets my vote, he’s cute and is a wizard! On his own show, that is, but still.

  • Diana will wear increasingly outrageous necklaces

Her picks in this last episode were STELLAR. On a more serious note, while I’m enjoying seeing her give Enzo a chance (he’s quite delightful, let’s keep him), I’d also like to see what’s going on for her at work.
Since so far, an increasing number of people have learned Liza’s real age, I’m wondering if this season finale might be Diana’s turn. She’s the most important person who still doesn’t know, and somehow I think she’d respect Liza more for her hussle. Her meeting Maggie was a good indicator of how she’d act around a 41 year old Liza. (And no, I couldn’t believe they hadn’t actually met yet!)

  • Edible make-up will NOT become a thing

I’ll admit, this is more of a request than a prediction, but I can’t fathom wanting to devour some mascara, even if it is actually chocolate, and fruit-scented creams are confusing enough. I do want Lauren to succeed, (sans her atrocious tagline, however), so let’s hope this party brings her to bigger and better things.
Between this and learning that “goat yoga” was a real thing, I feel like TV is really bringing me some stellar, never would have thought of, content. Blessed be. Which brings me to my next point.

  • There won’t be a Handmaid’s Tale crossover

You know that feeling, when one show you love references another show you love and that has clearly made enough of an impact in popculture to be worthy of a mentoin? And you feel all tingly inside because fictional people like the same stuff you do?
Well, I love that, and Kelsey mentioning The Handmaid’s Tale was fun. Do I, however, think Liza, Kelsey, and especially Diana would survive in Gilead? I mean, the fashion alone would confound them. No giant fur coats, no oddly mix-and-matched printed dresses, the horror!



That’s it for now, guys! So, what are your hopes and dreams for these last 6 episodes? Will Josh find someone new or keep pining after Liza? Will Liza’s daughter stop making pointless appearances? Will Maggie finally get the recognition she deserves? I can’t wait to find out!




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