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The 10 best moments from ‘Life Sentence’ season 1

Life Sentence may have sadly came to an end, but I have gathered up my top 10 moments from season 1 to cheer us all up. Let’s take a throwback into the life of Stella Abbott and her family drama, and re-live it all once more.


Here are my top 10 moments from Life Sentence season 1 below:

#1 Stella choosing to focus on herself instead of guy drama

Episode 13, “Then and Now”

Throughout the season, there was marriage drama for Wes and Stella regarding old flames and potential new flames. With Pippa turning up to town and then Dr. Grant’s flirtation with Stella, both caused a serious strain in Wes and Stella’s marriage. So much so, in the end it caused them to think long and hard about their future, with the sad outcome to being the end the marriage. With that tragic news, it made us all wonder, has Stella chosen to be with Dr. Grant now? To my surprise, she doesn’t take up on his offer. Stella turns down both the men in her life in order to work on herself and focus on her own life. In all honesty, I think that was a great choice and refreshing to see on TV. I expected her to maybe work on her marriage with Wes or live happily ever after with Dr. Grant, but the ending we got was so much better. Here’s to empowering women to work and grow on themselves before settling down!

#2 Stella saving the funding for the clinical trial to save Sadie’s life

 Episode 3, “Clinical Trial and Error”

Once Stella discovered that the funding for the clinical trial that saved her life pulled out, she went all out in a desperate attempt to save it. Especially since this could be the cure that her friend Sadie needed to survive. During her quest and team work with Dr. Grant, Stella found out the harsh reality as to why the funding was dropped. It turned out that she was the only survivor and the survival rates were therefore not enough to keep the clinical trial going. Crushed by the news, Stella vowed to find another clinical trial that may be the key to saving Sadie’s life, which is exactly what she did. Stella fighting to save other people’s lives just made me love her more!

#3 Learning the backstory to how Stella and Wes fell in love

Episode 1, “Pilot”

The story of how Stella and Wes fell in love was very cliché, but notably beautiful. It is many girl’s dream to be whisked off their feet and fall in love with a handsome stranger. Even better so while walking the streets of the romantic city of Paris – and that is exactly what happened with Stella. Wes and Stella bumped into each other in the street and instantly bonded. Fast forward, the two got married and live every day as if it was Stella’s last day on earth (since no one could tell how long she would live for). Straight away I knew I loved these two together and felt that despite them not knowing each other for long, they had a real connection.

#4 Aiden sorting his life out after his arrest scare by deciding to open a bar

Episode 10, “The Way We Work”

Aiden finally decides to get his life in check and has a grand idea to open up his own bar. Of course, everyone thought it was a joke, but Aiden was serious and actually followed through with a plan. Yay for maturing! Unfortunately, the bank won’t give him a loan unless someone who was more financially stable would be his partner. With that news, Aiden some how manages to persuade Wes into agreeing to be his partner and then voila, the two become owners of a bar. I have to love Aiden’s big thinking, at least it worked.

#5 Stella getting her high school diploma

Episode 4, “How Stella Got Her Groove On”

Stella discovered that she didn’t actually achieve her high school diploma and was just another lie her parents kept up to shield her from more hurt. When she heard this, Stella was mad, which is understandable. What I loved was that Stella decided to work hard and study for the test. Despite her not achieving it fully on her own since she flunked the test, she still showed initiative and determination. Maybe most others would take the fake one and not bother trying to get one honestly.

#6 Wes and Aiden’s bar being saved

Episode 13, “Then and Now”

After the drama of Pippa being a possible investor, Aiden knew he had to send her away and take the risk of trying to find someone else to invest in his bar. To be honest, I thought at this point they would have to close it down, but luckily, Aiden works his charms and finds another candidate to do the job. Enter Finley! She does have some conditions for agreeing to invest in it, but all-in-all, it works out perfectly and eliminates Pippa from their family problems.

#7 Stella choosing to volunteer in the ward which helped save her life

Episode 3, “Clinical Trial and Error”

After Stella got cured from cancer, she felt like she was the perfect candidate to volunteer in the cancer ward where she used to be a patient herself. I thought this was a great choice for Stella, not only for herself but for the current patients there. I think it would be hard being a patient and hearing some random person saying, “all is going to be okay.” Hearing it from someone who has been where they are would matter more. Stella would be a relatable and reliable person for advice. What a great choice, Stella!

#8 Stella and Wes seeking professional help to try save their marriage

Episode 10, “The Way We Work”

Lizzie gave Stella the idea that couples therapy may be a good idea for Stella and Wes. Both end up agreeing that it was the best decision. I thought this was very mature because no matter what, every relationship needs work and I don’t think it is bad that they had to admit to needing help. As they go through the therapy sessions, both discovered some eye-opening facts which in turn will help them in the long run.

#9 Peter and Ida dating again

Episode 13, “Then and Now”

Peter had the grand plan of proposing to Ida again and working on their marriage. Awkwardly, she turned his marriage proposal down, which was painful to watch *wipes tear*. However, she agreed that she wants to start dating since rushing into marriage again would probably not end well. To be fair, she has a good point, and I think them taking it slow is a great idea.

#10 Lizzie and Ida working together for Lizzie’s book

Episode 10, “The Way We Work”

Lizzie got some great news—the children’s book that she was working on got the thumbs up for publishing published. Yay! To make it even more wonderful news, Lizzie tells them that she would only agree for the book to go ahead if her mum did the illustrations for it. This was after an awkward argument between the two when Ida was taking things in the wrong direction, but after some good mother-daughter teamwork, Lizzie knew she was the perfect candidate for the job.

P.S. Can someone PLEASE pick up Life Sentence so we can get a season 2?! I need to know what happens next! Also, make sure to get binge-watching season 1 on Netflix!

What were your thoughts on Life Sentence? Did your fav moment make the cut? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with my posts here!

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