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‘Cloak & Dagger’: Top 5 Moments in Ep 1×06, “Funhouse Mirrors”

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Ep 1×06, “Funhouse Mirrors” aired on July 5, 2018

The most recent episode of  Cloak & Dagger took a figurative sledgehammer and hit us right in the feels. The episode followed Tandy as she tried running a con on Mina Hess, but instead, she found herself relating to the other woman. Also, Mina totally figured out Tandy’s game. Meanwhile, Tyrone was still intent on taking down the dirty cop who murdered his brother. The show is only six episodes in and has been firing on all cylinders in building up the central characters and the plot surrounding Roxxon. Now there’s a new layer of potential doom added in after Evita and her Auntie’s reading for the city. Check out our top five moments from 1×06, “Funhouse Mirrors”.

1. Introducing Mina Hess

Ally Maki made her series debut as Mina Hess in last week’s episode, but she completely stole the show in “Funhouse Mirrors”. Tandy spends the bulk of the latest episode pretending to be a Roxxon intern. She initially thinks that Mina will be an easy “mark” that she can pump for more information about the rig explosion and her father’s involvement with the company. Despite her best efforts, Mina completely wins Tandy over and the two end up connecting. They’re both smart, gorgeous and don’t take crap from douches in suits so it’s a friendship written in the stars, right? Of course, Mina isn’t dumb. She puts together the pieces and forces Tandy to admit that she’s the daughter of Nathan Bowen. The two bond throughout the episode and I’m hoping that Ally Maki sticks around for the long run. Why? Because it’s a rare thing when we get to see Tandy actually get real with someone and truly connect. Also, Mina has awesome taste in music.


2. A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Tyrone pretty much has his ability to move with the shadows on lock. In “Funhouse Mirrors,” he follows Tandy’s advice and uses his other power to tap into nightmares. In his attempts to get a job in Duane’s operation. That was terrifying and I don’t want Tyrone anywhere near my nightmares.


3. Billy’s Murder

Duane witnessed Billy’s death?!?! What the what, right! Billy’s old friend saw his murder and not only did he not come forward to support Tyrone’s story, but he went into business with Detective Conners. Totally didn’t see that reveal coming. Not cool, Duane. Still there’s something in the way that Dalon J. Holland plays the character that makes the end of the episode all the sadder. Was it because he tried to protect Tyrone in the end? Or that he didn’t want his friend’s kid brother involved in his drug business. Yet again the show does a great job of giving us interesting characters and not the stereotypes that lesser shows have served up.


4. Say what, Auntie Charisse?

Evita’s Auntie is back and she does not have good news for our “Divine Pairing”. One will live and the other will die. What the what, Auntie? Evita has that doll sitting on her mantle and it definitely looks a lot like Tyrone. Does she know anything about Tandy and what did she mean about history repeating itself?


5. Hour of Need

This final scene between Tandy and Tyrone broke me. These two have come such a long way. Ty is devastated emotionally after witnessing yet another death at the hands of Detective Connors. Sure it was our girl, O’Reilly who pulled the trigger, but Connors set the whole thing up. Was he trying to get O’Reilly killed or make certain that she’s as dirty as he is? That last scene was powerful. What to do when someone that you are coming to care for is so broken and you cannot support them. You literally can’t touch them. For just a moment, I wanted to see her reach out and hold on no matter what. Is that the end Auntie Clarisse sees for this “Divine Pairing”? They come together in a show of force or to console one another from some huge loss and “one will live and the other will die”. I like Auntie, but I hope she’s wrong. Or it’s a comic show. When our heroes die, they’re usually reborn or make some miraculous return. Will be interesting to see what happens next.

I’m looking forward to Evita meeting the other half of our “Divine Pairing” at some point and I really, really want Mina to stick around. As they continue to unravel the mystery that is Roxxon and their own powers, Tandy and Tyrone will need all the help they can get. What was your favorite moment from Ep 1×06, “Funhouse Mirrors”.


Cloak & Dagger airs Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c

Photo Credit: Freeform/Skip Bolen

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