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Harry Potter: 7 Reasons the Golden Trio was friendship goals

The Harry Potter trio, often called the Golden Trio, was one of the best parts about the series. The friendship they had was an integral part of the series, growing over the course of the seven books. Although they came from very different backgrounds, they came together to help each other survive their very intense seven years at Hogwarts. Here are the best friendship moments from the seven books.

Sorcerer’s Stone

From the first moment Harry and Ron met, they became friends. However, it wasn’t the same for Hermione. She annoyed Ron from the start, especially after correcting Ron in charms class.

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Ron talks badly about Hermione, which she overhears causing her to run to the bathroom crying. It’s during this that a troll is released into the dungeon, where Hermione is. Despite the fact that they haven’t been on good terms with Hermione, Harry and Ron rush in to save her. This sets up their whole friendship, if they were willing to risk their lives before they were friends, how much more so afterwards.

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Chamber of Secrets

The book starts out with Harry being held captive by his uncle after Dobby sabotages dinner, in an effort to keep Harry from Hogwarts. Ron comes to break Harry out, despite knowing he will get in trouble with his mother if found out. When they have to go into the Forbidden Forest, Ron goes to talk to Aragog, despite his arachnophobia. What better friend is there than someone who faces their fears for another? The best moment, for me at least, was the ending in the movie. That hug melted my heart.

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Prisoner of Azkaban

This was probably the pinacle of Hermione and Ron’s fighting, their usual fighting exasperated by the fact Crookshanks kept trying to eat Scabbers. Soon Harry gets annoyed with Hermione after she reports the firebolt that Harry recieves to McGonagall. Essentially, Harry and Ron cease being friends with Hermione after that. Despite this, they come together to protect Buckbeak. True friends will fight, but put all their fighting behind them when it’s really important.

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Goblet of Fire

Whereas in the previous book Hermione was the one that was annoying Ron, in this book Harry is annoying Ron. After Harry’s name is put into the goblet and he is selected, Ron believes Harry did it to get fame and glory. Ron also is faced with tremendous jealousy over Victor Krum and Hermione, souring their friendship. Despite everything they all held strong. Ron was the thing that Harry would miss most, which was why he was taken in the lake challenge. Despite the mermaid’s warning, Harry refused to leave Hermione alone, waiting until Krum came to save her.

Order of the Pheonix

Everything about this book is friendship goals. When they form Dumbledore’s Army, Hermione and Ron stand right by Harry’s side, despite the consequences from Umbridge if they are found out. They go with Harry to the Ministry of Magic with nothing but a vision from Harry guiding them. They trust Harry with their lives, even when they really have nothing to go on.

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Half-Blood Prince

The only real friendship moment that matters in this book is that despite everything that happens, Hermione and Ron decide to go with Harry on their most dangerous mission yet. Harry declares his intention of going after Voldemort by finding the Horcruxes. They don’t hesitate before signing up to join him on the quest, declaring one of my favorite quotes.

Deathly Hallows

The last book is filled with great friendship moments. When Ron and Hermione volunteer for the Seven Potters plan, they do so to help protect Harry. When Ron leaves, because of his jealousy, Hermione makes the very difficult decision to stay with Harry. Chosing her friendship, and helping Harry over following the one she’s in love with. Ron even comes back because he cares about them too much to leave them on their own. The book is a culmination of their friendship, showing Ron and Hermione’s unswerving loyalty to Harry, and how Harry couldn’t have done it all without them.

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