‘The Crossing’: Post-season review

Earlier this month, ABC’s new drama The Crossing rounded up its first and only season. The network cancelled the show despite its relatively good ratings. Which is a shame, because things were just heating up too.

What went wrong?

Too much going on. Had The Crossing been too ambitious? They did have a lot going on – time traveling, genetic engineering plus eugenics, a dystopian future, a virus, a secret plot… Perhaps that was too much for 11 episodes. I do think it was a smart move not to dwell too much on the science side of things, especially where the making of the apex race was concerned. They mentioned DNA and genetic ‘markers’ enough to explain to the average viewer the difference between apex and commons (us regular folk). Trying to go into more detail would have used up time that could be used to drive the drama forward.

Lack of initial character development. Even so, maybe there was still too much left to handle. The show immediately introduced us to its huge ensemble cast, but subsequently neglected many characters. Thomas disappeared for the middle of the series despite a huge role in the first two episodes. Agent Emma Ren, an early favorite, sadly exited before the halfway mark. Agent Foster also died just as he was starting to suspect what was really going on. In both cases, we could have gotten more out the agents’ grappling with the boss’ ulterior motives.

the crossing abc sandrine holt
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The more interesting arcs happened late in the series, like Lindauer having doubts about Eve’s methods and Rebecca’s spiral. Maybe too late, as they felt a little rushed. Sure, the show had lots of drama, but it was hard to make an impact without fleshed out characters.

Questions we still have

Sophie. What does it mean now that apex has appeared earlier in human history/future? The First Arrivals are obviously keen to eliminate her, and with good reason. By turning herself into an apex, Sophie is accelerating the very issue the group made the crossing to prevent. She might use her newly modified DNA to try to cure more people, thus creating more apexes.

the crossing abc georgina haig
image: ABC

Naomi. On top of her creepiness and her mysterious plan, she knows something about our local sheriff Jude Ellis! At least, she knows that he might do something significant. Does it have anything to do with her leaving camp?

Also, if the apex were engineered to be perfect, why were they still not smart enough to do their own research without ‘savants’ such as Naomi and Rachel? Speaking of…

Rachel. What was Rachel’s work for the apex? Cryptography and symbols doesn’t look like something you would find in a college class. Also, how did she end up with Lindauer? The relationships between her, Caleb, Lindauer and Rebecca would have been a great plot point for season 2, if the show had been renewed.

The locket. We never learnt who gave Hannah the locket. How are they linked to Marshall? Maybe that person was his great-great-great-grandchild. I smell a Back to the Future plot here, if that is the case. Plus, love triangles might be cheesy and arbitrary, but I was rather invested in the Hannah/Roy/Marshall one. Will their paths cross again?

abc the crossing kelly missal tommy bastow
image: ABC

If you have theories about The Crossing, or ideas for what season 2 could have been, let us know! Leave a comment below, or find us on social media (Facebook, Twitter).

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