‘The Bold Type’ 2×04 recap: “OMG”

The Bold Type recap: Season 2, Episode 4, “OMG,” aired Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 8/7c.

Triangles, lines and pinstripes! Let’s break down all of the relationship stuff that had us saying OMG, emphasis on the G!


Our little Jane is in a career rut, but she is refusing to take it laying down. Her meme is still haunting her, making it hard to secure her next dream job, but never fear – Pinstripe is here! He helps Jane by showing her the ropes of the gossip freelance biz, but it is not her cup of tea. Having Pinstripe back is great, but as Sutton gleefully declares, hanging out with Pinstripe AND dating Dr. Ben is a recipe for the dreaded love triangle. (Which we love, so BRING. IT. ON.)

Speaking of Dr. Ben, he and Jane go out to lunch and everything seems great until he busts out a pre-turkey club prayer! It’s not totally crazy for someone to be religious on a date, but it stops Jane in her tracks. After another date (playing Scrabble!) religion rattles them once again and Jane runs right back to Pinstripe and the sleazy gossip beat writer life that she is so obviously not suited for. Thankfully it doesn’t take Jane long to realize that she needs to just be honest with Ben about her “God complex” and how it brings up some very heavy stuff about her mom. This honest moment brings these two cutie faces even closer together. Communication is key, ya’ll!

the bold type
(Freeform/Philippe Bosse)


Speaking of communication, there is a serious lack of it in the Kat and Adena department in this episode. Yes, they are the cutest couple EVER, but when they have to exist outside of their little love bubble, things get complicated. Kat is still very new to the scene that Adena seems so deeply connected to and it is causing some major stress for Kat. And to make matter worse, Adena keeps brushing off Kat’s questions about her past relationships. But never fear Kadena lovers, because our girls worked it out with some healthy communication and some love exchanges! Seriously, let’s get Adena that visa because we need them to stay together FOREVER!

the bold type
(Freeform/Philippe Bosse)


Every episode our girl has got her hustle on and we love it. She is always working her ass off to climb the fashion ranks at Scarlet, but in “OMG” she is starting to feel the fatigue of it all. Kat’s rise to department head happened all while Sutton stayed an assistant and Sutton is ready to make some bold moves. She starts hanging with an Insta influencer, Brooke, who has mad connections, but the friendship comes with a big ass bar (and drug) tab. Sutton gets an “F” in communication in this episode because instead of calling Oliver and telling him what her “friend” just pulled, she logged the receipt after she got confirmation that she is invited to a top level fashion gathering. We want Sutton to rule the fashion world too, but this is not the path to get there. Hopefully, her friends will pull her out of the toxic friendship and off this path before its too late!

(Freeform/Philippe Bosse)

Until next time – stay bold!

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