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‘The 100’ 5×08 Review: Et tu, Bellamy?

The 100 5×08 Review: “How We Get To Peace,” Aired June 26, 2018

In this episode of The 100, the road to peace is littered with broken trust and the consequences of those betrayals will be HUGE. Some prepared for war and others (Bellamy and Clarke) did everything they could to stop it – even if that meant wormicide and a stab in the back we never saw coming. We knew going into this episode that Bellamy would never let Clarke kill his beloved sister, but we did not expect him to take matters into his own hands the way he did. Let’s review that and the million other intensities of that brilliant game changing episode!

Diyoza’s hope. It’s a scary day when the supposed villain of the show is the one planning the happy future of the people. Sure, Diyoza’s methods to get to the ‘happily ever after’ aren’t always sunshine and roses, but she really does seem to want the least deadly way to peace right now. Kane is right for sticking with her and her Edward Cullen aged fetus. We are with Clarke and Bellamy on this one. An alliance with Diyoza is a way better plan than worm warfare.

The 100 — “How We Get To Peace” Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Monty and Harper. They are so sweet, and so pure. They deserve all the happiness in the world, which, at this point, isn’t a whole lot. We don’t know how and we don’t know why, but if it ever becomes an option, Diyoza should give her baby, Hope, to these two. Symbolism and babies – what more do you need people?!

The Blake siblings. Being a leader means making the hard decisions, but when you are with your sibling, the guard should drop a little and that’s exactly what Bellamy was banking on. Octavia dismissed her guards the moment she saw her brother, her life long protector, and that is a mistake she will likely never forget. Nobody can hurt you like your family and while Bellamy Blake’s bold move might save Clarke, it will for sure cost him one sister. (Also, he probs snacked on a people cookie right before he put his little sis in an algae coma, so Octavia may have gotten the last laugh there – just sayin’).

The 100 — “How We Get To Peace” Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Bellarke! Okay, we can’t go another second without acknowledging the glimmer of good (Monty and Harper aside) that came from this otherwise knife twisting episode! Before Bellamy made his big move, Octavia said what we all already know to be true – Bellamy loves Clarke. Now, one could argue that she could have meant platonic love, but no. WE KNOW WHAT SHE MEANT, and so did Bellamy. Long live Blodreina – the original Bellarke shipper.

McMurphy’s plan. Murphy and McCreary are a team we never expected, but it makes total sense. Despite McCreary’s general terrible nature, he is surprisingly loyal and always on the lookout for a new recruit. Murphy would be a great second to McCreary, but we really don’t want that to happen – for Murphy’s sake. Emori may only see the worst in Murphy, but we don’t. And as far as Emori and Murphy go, it’s clear they only bring out the bad in each other these days. They need to move on and stop hurting each other.

The 100 — “How We Get To Peace” Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Raven’s trauma. You know you are watching a complex show when a brother putting his sister in a coma to save his sure-to-be love interest isn’t even the biggest heart wrench of the evening! Raven’s been put through Hell on this show, but she always had one thing – her friends. Now, we are starting to see a Raven stripped of that after Echo’s betrayal and now Abby’s. Raven watched her mother’s alcoholism destroy her and now she is forced to do the same with Abby’s addiction and it’s devastating. Luckily, Raven has found a fast friend and someone who knows her struggle – Shaw. Their chemistry is insane and a their tender moment was electric. Any love they would share would be doomed from the start, but we hope they can find a tiny moment of peace together in this crazy, messed up world.

Worms. RIP Cooper (I guess). Bellarke’s murder plan totally backfired and it looks like this is not the end of the worms. (shudder) I was really hoping that Indra had gassed them all, but the eggs were the real weapon. Unleashing an invasive parasite on the valley is a terrible idea. Let’s hope that Wonkru comes to their senses and destroys the eggs soon!

The 100 — “How We Get To Peace” Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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May we meet again!

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