‘Take Two’ series premiere recap 1×01 “Pilot”

Take Two recap Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot”, aired June 21st, 2018

Wow. Just wow. We all want a great show to get us through a long, hot summer. But we never expected to get one as promising as Take Two. The chemistry between Eddie Cibrian and Rachel Bilson alone is enough to have us swooning. But once you factor in the comedy and actual cop procedural parts of the show, it becomes an immediate hit! Keep reading below for the breakdown of that amazing first episode!

Take Two Series Premiere recap

New beginnings

We already love the character of Sam Swift. She’s adorable, funny, and more charming than she realizes. Which is saying a lot since she seems to think she is pretty charming. But things haven’t been going so well for her right from the first few minutes and we already feel for her. Even though she doesn’t seem to let her situation get her down. Sam is ready to get back in the act and we already find ourselves cheering for her!

Take Two Series Premiere Recap

Even though the part got canned, it was pretty refreshing. While we all enjoyed Castle, we weren’t sure that a show with what seemed like the same premise was what we needed. But it didn’t end up being what we got anyway. In the world of being a private detective, Eddie doesn’t have to follow the same rules as a precinct. So when Sam’s role doesn’t end up going the way she planned, that doesn’t mean the curtain is closing on her. Seeing Sam and Eddie partnering up for cases without the “me cop, you civilian” attitude is going to be amazing!

Change of scenery

Eddie is the definition of tall, dark, and broody. But we’re here for it! Seeing him admit that he is a fan of Sam’s work had us feeling a few butterflies. But seeing Eddie actually trust Sam to not only help execute a plan but to save their asses when they were in trouble? Now that has the makings of a beautiful partnership. In more ways than one. That’s it, we’re calling it. Fifteen minutes into the episode and we decided we ship Eddie and Sam.

Take Two Series Premiere Recap

Things didn’t look extremely promising for Eddie’s business when things started up. But when he had clients clamoring into his office with their cases at the end, we couldn’t stop ourselves from cheering. The fact that he didn’t even hesitate to pull Sam in on the action had us full on swooning and sighing. We don’t care what Eddie says, he definitely wants Sam’s full participation on his cases.

Real danger

While we loved watching the antics of Eddie and Sam, we can also appreciate the reality of it all as well. These are dangerous situations and Eddie does, in fact, risk his life for his job a lot. And even though Sam does have real knowledge of how investigations work and she has some great connections, she just hasn’t ever actually been in any danger. So seeing these two acknowledge that fact gave us a great appreciation for this show already.

Take Two Series Premiere recap

Cop procedurals are our bread and butter. We love a good cop show. But there is just something about Take Two that is setting it apart from the crowd. It could be the fact that we are dealing with private investigating rather than a more official police force. Veronica Mars vibes anyone? Or it could be the fact that Eddie is ultimately choosing to work with Sam and vice versa. Whatever it is, we hope they keep doing it because it’s working!

Sweet victory

While we did honestly expect Eddie and Sam to get their man, we certainly didn’t expect it to go down the way it did. No one wants to watch a show where the good guys don’t win. But in the world of fickle television watchers, we don’t want to be able to guess exactly how things are going to go down either. Well, unpredictable was certainly what we got with this episode! There was more than enough heart-stopping action to keep us entertained and on the edge of our seats. When those credits rolled at the end, all we wanted was more! Good thing we only have to wait a week for the next episode!

Take Two Series Premiere Recap

Do Sam and Eddie make a good team, or are they better going their separate ways? Will Sam give up her acting career for a PI license? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Catch Take Two Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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