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‘Cloak & Dagger’ recap: Gone too soon in Ep 1×04, “Call/Response”

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Ep 1×04, “Call/Response” aired on June 21, 2018

This week, Tandy and Tyrone take some time throughout the episode to get to know one another and their abilities. Sure they’ve seen each other’s darkest hopes and twisted fears, but it’s completely different when you’re actually in the same room. Also, Tandy joins in on her mother’s long-standing investigation into Roxxon and what they did to Tandy’s father.  Read further for my full recap of Ep 1×04, “Call/Response”.

We Hardly Knew Ye

Poor Greg. Just when Tandy was connecting with the guy he goes and gets murdered. When in the world does it truly happen that the guy cheating on his wife is actually planning on a happily ever after with his girlfriend and her troubled kid. Okay, I’m sure it does happen, but Greg turning out to be the good guy was the last thing that Tandy expected to see when she did her mind trick on Greg. She really started to bond with the guy and he gets dead. This is especially horrible because our Dagger knew this guy truly cared about her mother and wanted to help them with their case against Roxxon. He must have been getting close to someone’s truth. Four episodes in and it’s great to see the growth of not only Tandy and Tyrone’s connection, but also their relationships with the other people in their lives. We already know that Dagger is resistant to connecting with people. She couldn’t get away from Liam more quickly. She runs away from her mother and their home on the regular. She was starting to trust poor Greg only to see him murdered right before her eyes.

Spyboy’s Homecoming

If you didn’t read this week’s episode preview that I posted (here), you missed me fangirling all over Miles Mussenden aka Otis. The actor stole every scene he was in this week. After Tyrone stormed out of the house earlier in the episode, Otis confronts his only remaining child after finding some of his tools missing. Otis is understandably freaking out over the idea of Tyrone taking his bolt cutters in the name of doing something very illegal. He’s already buried one son and doesn’t want to go through that again. Then in a later scene, we get that amazing and SCARY moment when Otis takes his son back to visit the old neighborhood.

Initially, you have no idea what is going on in this confrontation between old friends. Tyrone definitely is as clueless as we are as the entire “spyboy” encounter goes down. It seems that Otis and his family cut ties completely with their old lives after Billy’s death. In this scene, we yet again have the show giving us some lesson about culture and traditions in New Orleans. We later find out that Billy was being trained up to become a “spyboy” prior to his death. If you didn’t know or couldn’t tell completely from the episode and scenes later where Otis and Tyrone were sewing beads onto a costume, “spyboys” are a part of Mardi Gras Indians and New Orleans tradition (video). That was such a cool moment of bonding between father and son. Something that poor Tyrone likely needed very much to help keep him grounded. In prior episodes, we’ve watched him drowning in his own guilt and need for revenge. Tandy saw him destroying himself again and again in her visions last week.

We also see the moment when Tyrone is drawn to a dark cloak among an entire warehouse filled with abandoned costumes. What does it mean that he was somehow drawn straight to the cloak that had once belonged to his dead brother? Such a wild and amazing moment.

Lessons Learned

Interspersed throughout the episodes, we continuously go back to moments at the church where Tandy and Tyrone are finally talking to one another about their connection and filling the blanks left by their journey into one another’s psyches. They start testing the limits of their powers and find that when light meets dark, things get pretty explosive. That could come in handy someday so good to know.

Tyrone also talks to Tandy about facing her father’s death and her suspicions about Roxxon instead of continuing to run away. Tandy talks Tyrone into playing out a small con of his own. Nothing illegal. Just filing a report at the police station so that he can get more intel on Detective Connors. At first, he was not on board with walking into the police station and called Tandy on her privilege. Later after they have a blow up of sorts where Tandy and Tyrone call out one another on a dangerous road they’re both on. They accuse each other of having a death wish and seemingly part ways, but it can’t be for good.

The episode does end with a pretty scary moment when we see Tandy jumping off a pier with a block of cement and chains to weigh her down. It’s pretty horrifying and you know there’s not a chance that this could be it for our Dagger. Then we get that flash of bright light and there she is…testing the strength of her badass light dagger. She uses it again in those last few moments as she breaks into Greg’s office and steals his files on Roxxon. It can’t be long before she has an idea why poor Greg was murdered.

How long before Tandy and Tyrone meet up again and what’s the best conversation starter after the way they ended things? We still don’t know what Auntie Clarissa is up to and if Evita has any clue? Does she really like Tyrone or is she after him for some more nefarious reason?  If you have any thoughts or comments on the episode drop them below or send us a tweet or post.



Cloak & Dagger airs Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c

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