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“Supergirl” season finale: Top 5 Moments

Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 23, “Battles Lost and Won” Aired June 18, 2018.

Superfans, the season finale has arrived. A lot of big moments happened in the last episode of the season. Let’s get into them!

5. Reign is no more.

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We knew Reign and Sam were split in half. One must win and one must lose. I one hundred percent believed it would be Sam who lost. Shockingly Sam didn’t! Our Sam survived. Here is what happened!

  • Sam had to get to the Lilith well in the alternate dimension. She did.
  • She came out of it, with Kryptonian power.
  • Ms. Reyas kicked Reign’s a**!

With Supergirl’s help Reign was defeated. She was sucked into the Earth’s core and melted. You would think that everyone would rejoice, right? Reign’s defeat had devastating consequences and unforeseen effects.

4. Goodbye, Winn.


The most surprising thing that happened this episode, was the out of the blue departure of a beloved character. I am saying this came out of left field, with no warning. Winn Schott went to the future. I repeat, Winn Schott went to the future!

Here’s why, our beloved Winn left us!

  1. Brainy’s evil cousin, probably Brainiac, they weren’t very specific did not die in the future.
  2. Due to the Legion stopping Blight, he was not wiped out.
  3. The only defenses that seemed to work against him, is a tech Winn develops in the future.

Brainy informs Winn that the future needs him. Winn finally hearing his calling decides to go with them. Yes we were all crying. It was a terrible loss. The only good news is, he didn’t die, so he can come back!

3. Mon-El makes his decision.


We watched them fall in love for a whole season. Then we watched him be indecisive in another season. Now, we finally have our closure. Mon-El chose to leave.

To clarify, he didn’t leave because he chose Saturn Girl. He left because he realized Kara will be okay without him and the future needs him. This is in all honesty the best outcome. Saturn Girl’s return in this episode brought her, Kara, and Mon-El some closure.

“If I am being honest with myself, I was keeping things from you. People who are meant to be, don’t keep secrets.”

Emira accepted Mon-El’s decision to love Kara. She realized she had a few things to work out as well. Mon-El understood that he was needed elsewhere. Kara, had the most shocking answer. She accepted his return to the future without question.

2. Lena’s Second Betrayal


Lena Luthor is one of the most complex characters in this show. That being said, that also makes her more likely to border the line between good and evil. This season she has struggled to find the balance. Supergirl’s betrayal a few episodes back, made it more apparent to Lena that she might be mindful.

The herinhall rock that helped defeat Reign, she was supposed to give back to Supergirl’s Mother. To everyone else, it appeared as if she did. Lena, however saw the potential properties it had for doing good.

Is it selfish? No. Did she lie? Yes. Is she in the right? I guess we will have to see next season. I think the most important take away is, we get to see Lena Luthor next season!

1. Red Sun Supergirl

At the end of the episode was an odd twist. Another Supergirl walked out of nowhere. Is this bizarro Supergirl? No. Red Sun Supergirl? Probably. Will we find out before the beginning of next season? Yeah, right!

What did you think of the season finale? Which goodbye shocked you the most? Are you ready for next season?

Thank you, Superfans!

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