‘Shadowhunters’: Season 3B premiere moved back to August?

Shadowhunters fans were shocked with the cancellation of such a beloved and important series. Not only does it have a massive fanbase, but it’s presence internationally and on social media has made it Freeform’s most talked about show this year.

Shadowhunters was even nominated for 5 Teen Choice awards only sharing the lead with The CW’s Riverdale.

On top of that, fans have started a fundraiser that has raised over $11,000 to help save the show with all the proceeds going to The Trevor Project. The online petition has 125,000 signatures and the hashtag #SaveShadowhunters already has over 8 million tweets.

The second half of Season 3 was originally set to premiere this Fall but was then pushed to next Spring as a result of it’s cancellation and additional finale episodes. As of June 19th 2018, SpoilerTV reported that Shadowhunters Season 3B is once again set to air this year, premiering on Thursday, August 16th.

While Freeform has yet to make a statement about the change, this could be extremely good news for the show. Fans are continuing to make noise and are being heard from multiple different streaming services and networks. After both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer were canceled and saved this television season, it’s very possible that Shadowhunters could follow their lead.

So what does this mean? Do we have an official date for Shadowhunters? And will it finally be saved? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SaveShadowhunters and check out twitters like NephilimUpdates for the latest power hour trends!

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