The Bold Type Recap: 2×03 “The Scarlet Letter”

The Bold Type Season 2, Episode 3 aired Tuesday, July 19th at 8/7c.

Hey there, Bold Types!

A lot just went down on our favorite show, let’s take a moment to recap, shall we?


This week, Jane struggles with unemployment. Busying herself with deep cleaning the apartment in between phone calls, Jane doesn’t handle her new lifestyle well. And unfortunately, it seems no one really wants to hire the internet’s latest meme.

After a particularly hurtful rejection, Jane suggests a freelance pitch, and sets out to uncover the true nature of the healthcare system. Lucky for her, Dr. Hottie-with-a-lot-of-fears is available to show her around the hospital and answer her questions about his work. If Jane doesn’t fall in love with this guy, we will — sorry, Pinstripe!

Finally, Jane realizes that her true home is at Scarlet Magazine (duh.) But when she approaches Jaqueline about returning, she is told that there isn’t enough money in the budget and, even if there was, Jacqueline doesn’t believe that Scarlet is the best fit for Jane right now. We fully trust Jaqueline, and truly believe that if she thinks failure is what Jane needs right now, she’s right. As much as it hurts.


This week, Kat’s primary focus is on being an amazing girlfriend. Specifically, she’s focused on getting Adena a job so she can keep her visa. When Kat discovers that Sutton is in search of a photographer, she puts Adena up for the job, leaving Sutton in an uncomfortable position – more on that later.

All is well by the episode’s end, however, and Kadena enjoys some nice alone time in the apartment. Also, they are past the point of caring about morning breath, which is a huge relationship milestone, TBH.


Sutton’s primary conflict this episode is her desire to be a good friend to Kat and fair to Adena while still maintaining her professional reputation. She struggles with Adena’s artistic image, and is afraid to stray too far from Oliver’s original photoshoot pitch.

That is, until she strays entirely away from it, asking her friends to strip down naked and pose with the jewelry, highlighting the gorgeous pieces among the real women’s “flaws.”

The photoshoot is gorgeous. Honestly, we had chills seeing the completed images. The Bold Type never fails to hit issues in just the right way. This episode focuses heavily on body image, highlighting the highs and lows of the fight for people to love themselves.

This week’s episode was our favorite of the season so far, but something tells us we may be saying that every week.

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