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‘Life Sentence’ recap: Top 3 moments from 1×11, “Frisky Business”

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 11, “Frisky Business”, Aired Jun 1st, 2018

In this week’s episode of Life Sentence, there were some major highlights and some major downfalls. Firstly, Wes and Aiden’s opening night for their bar became a huge success. Then, Peter delays his divorce with Ida in order to save her money so she can pursue her dream of being an artist. Great news, right? Oh, but then comes the bad news… both Stella and Wes end up kissing someone who ain’t each other, which, of course, is going to result in the breakdown of their marriage. What will this mean for the two?

Better drink up that wine–this episode was INTENSE!

Let’s break down the top 3 moments from 1×11 in more detail:

#1 Wes and Aiden’s opening night for the bar was a success

Wes and Aiden’s opening night for the bar was vast approaching, and tension between the two got quite intense. Aiden decided to waste money and buy unnecessary things without Wes knowing, which just pissed him off. Can you blame him though? I’d be angry too since they are meant to be partners. Despite a shaky start, the opening night still goes ahead, and the advertising becomes a whole lot easier once Stella has the great idea to combine the bar opening night with her bone marrow drive. Really, it’s a win-win! Stella, Wes, and Aiden hand out flyers and do their best to spread the word about the event so more people show up. This turned out to be a success since the bar had a line of people waiting to enter. Yay!

Side note: how funny was it when Aiden accidentally hit on his mom? OMG, I was pissing myself laughing! Oh Aiden, here’s hoping that awkward moment doesn’t happen again.

#2 Peter delays filing divorce so Ida can get free tuition fees

It was a sad time for both Peter and Ida as it seemed their marriage was officially over after Peter gave Ida divorce papers to sign. We’ve known for awhile their marriage was over, but you can’t deny once divorce comes along, it’s all so much more final and scary. Ida seemed to be down about the thought of signing the papers which made me wonder, is she regretting separating with Peter? However, Ida is aware of Peter’s new woman in his life, so she knows that signing is what is best for both of them.

Later, Peter becomes aware that Ida is wanting to pursue her dream of being an artist by going back to school to study, but she cannot afford the tuition. Peter decides to delay filing their divorce in order to allow Ida to go back and study, because if they are still married, then Ida’s tuition will be free since Peter is a college professor. How sweet, right? There seems to be more to it than this, though. Do you think Peter and Ida will rekindle their marriage for real?

#3 Dr. Grant and Pippa both cause friction in Wes and Stella’s marriage

I wouldn’t really call this a top moment, but it is an important moment. The last part of the episode was filled with drama and doubt as to what is going to happen to Wes and Stella’s marriage.

The first sign of trouble was Pippa returning to town without warning after Wes shared some of his worries. Girl, please. I know what game you playing… Pippa needs to stay away from Wes. With her unwanted arrival to town, she offers to save the day and be the investor that both Wes and Aiden currently are needing to keep the bar afloat. Despite it being a tempting offer, I don’t think it would be the smart move to take her money. After all, that would just create an excuse for her to continuously be in Wes’ life, creating further problems between Wes and Stella.

Next, Stella and Dr Grant get close again after he opens up about some family drama. His parents are in town in order to pay tribute to their son who died of cancer. Despite what should be a nice family reunion for an unfortunate reason, his parents made things awkward and things got tough for Dr. Grant. He tries to hide it from Stella, but eventually talks to her and she comforts him the best way possible. I think it’s nice that Stella is there for Dr. Grant, but with their history, I think them comforting each other in such a personal level is too risky. My concerns are confirmed when drama goes down at the bar later that night.

Dr. Grant encourages people to sign up on the bone marrow donor list by telling them the story about how his brother died of cancer, and if they kindly offered to donate their bone marrow, then it may save someone’s life. I thought this was incredibly sweet and brave that he did this for Stella (since she was in charge of getting names), but also because it couldn’t have been easy for him to share. He ends up running out of the bar and Stella goes after him to thank him. Next thing you know, Dr. Grant kisses Stella, and Wes catches them in the act. Then Wes runs off and Pippa decides to go check on him. Before we know it, Wes is kissing Pippa!

OMFG, what is happening?! I am freaking out. Does this mean that Wes and Stella’s marriage is over? What are they going to do? I’m not quite sure what to think. I do know that I don’t want Wes and Stella to break up.

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