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‘Cloak & Dagger’ recap: Twisted Hopes and Fears in 1×03, “Stained Glass”

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Ep 1×03, “Stained Glass” aired on June 14, 2018

We already knew that Tandy and Tyrone were dealing with some pretty heavy stuff, but this week’s episode, “Stained Glass” gave us a further glimpse into their darkest hopes and fears. Meanwhile, Detective O’Reilly continues her investigation into the stabbing. Could she possibly turn out to be a future ally for Cloak and Dagger down the road? A foil of sorts for her very corrupt counterpart, Detective Connors. She was amazing in that first scene with Tandy’s would-be rapist. Read further for my full recap of “Stained Glass”.


Shots Fired

Cloak and Dagger’s new friendship doesn’t seem to be getting off to the best start. Last week, they had a “meet cute” where Tandy picked his pocket and then they realized that they’d met way back when on the worse night of their lives. Now, there’s Tyrone standing in front of the stolen car she’s driving and shooting at her. Yea, Tandy’s not very happy with Tyrone at the start of this week’s episode. Thankfully, she’s able to use her light to save herself from injuries worse than a few cuts and bruises when she’s thrown from the car crash. Tyrone tries explaining that he wasn’t trying to shoot at her and he has no idea how he’s even standing there when he was just in the city. Tandy doesn’t want to hear it. She pretty much tells him to stay away and makes a run for it.

Three episodes in and it’s already well-established that Tandy fears connecting with people. She left poor Liam to rot after catching a glimpse of his hope for their future together. Her mother who is admittedly a mess even accused her daughter of running off when things get tough. It stands to reason that she’d been worried about connecting with this new guy who shot at her and seems to have awakened her strange new powers.


That Voodoo That You Do

The show spends time in this episode delving into New Orleans’ long history with Voodoo. For much of the episode, Tyrone wrestles with the darkness inside of him. He wants to avenge his brother’s death and the anger seems to be eating him alive. He thinks he’s cursed. Evita sees how he is struggling with his demons and she offers to help. After giving him a little tour of New Orleans and some background on the birthplace of Voodoo, Evita takes him to her badass Voodoo Priestess auntie. She tries to get a read on him. Instead of Tarot cards, Auntie Clarisse uses regular playing cards. She tells him that the joker card is in a position where the hopes and fears are the same. This is outstanding given what we next from both Tandy and Tyrone’s points-of-view. Auntie Clarisse tells Tyrone that he needs a spiritual cleanse.

Evita’s auntie was on point in her assessment of the situation. The teens take a brief side trip to Whole Foods because forget the swamp. You need herbs and ingredients for your Voodoo cleanse, you go to Whole Foods. Tyrone and Evita have some pretty amazing chemistry and it’ll be interesting to see the show explore that and Tyrone’s connection with Tandy. Please just say no to love-triangles.

Twisted Hopes and Fears

While Cloak is off learning about Voodoo and flushing his spiritual-self with those herbs, Tandy is trying yet again to get the heck out of New Orleans. It’s probably a good thing that she had to ditch the very obvious stolen car. Girlfriend, never still had the cans, streamers, and “just married” sign on that car. This time around, she decided to take the bus. She was settling down with her earbuds and the minute her hoodie went on, Tandy found herself transported. The other people on the bus disappeared and there was a flood of white light beckoning her off the bus. What did she find as she kept walking? Young Tyrone on a basketball court. He couldn’t see her and she couldn’t interact with him. She sees him with his brother Billy and the friends who try to convince Billy to go steal back that radio. This time it’s Tyrone who convinces his brother to stay there with him and play ball.

Later, Tandy glimpses another twisted scenario that repeats itself again and again. Tyrone is dressed formally and there’s this dining table set up out in a forest. This haunting song plays in the background as over-and-over, Tyrone tries to get revenge against Detective Connors and it ends in death and disaster. It’s disturbing as hell. Suicide by cop doesn’t seem to be what Tyrone intends, but everything he tries ends with him shot or hung from a tree. In one scenario his parents even die. It’s not until Tandy offers Cloak a dagger of light to use that we see a different ending. When Cloak picks up the dagger, it becomes handcuffs and Detective Connors runs off.

Tyrone experiences his own vision as his spiritual bath leads him through his empty house first. There are some pretty funky photographs hanging on the walls. We should probably find out more about them at some point. He leaves the house and ends up on Roxxon’s rooftop. I still need to know how he’s connected to Roxxon or if it’s just Tandy leading him there. He finds young Tandy wearing her tutu and tights. Tyrone’s journey takes him on a tour of Tandy’s fears. At one point, they’re witnessing Tandy’s father being tortured in a glass room by Roxxon board members. Later, Tyrone ends up at a church where young Tandy is giving benediction to a line of young men. Those aren’t wafers, though. She’s feeding them pills from a prescription bottle and they’re all falling to the floor the minute they walk away from her. Are these the men Tandy roofied and robbed? We see the one who tried to rape her. Tyrone believes he’s cursed. Does Tandy believe that she’s poison? It seems like it since the last person young Tandy hands off a pill to is her friend, Liam. She even ruffles his hair at one point and clearly, she cares for the young man.

Cloak and Dagger awaken from their separate visions after spotting one another’s forms on opposite sides of a stained glass window. The two seem to realize that they need one another. Tandy decides that she can’t run anymore. She decides to contact Detective O’Reilly. The cop showed up looking for Tandy earlier and told Mrs. Bowen about the assault and that she wanted to help the teenager. Of course, crooked Detective Connors butts his head into the investigation before O’Reilly can get the whole truth out. Poor Tandy, but at least she stopped running.

The episode ends with our duo together in the real world at the church from Tyrone’s vision. “We need to talk.” Yes, you do. Y’all need to talk and I’ve got questions. What was up with Auntie Clarisse 3D printing that figure? It was clearly Tyrone wearing his cloak, right? What was going on at that check-cashing place from Tandy’s vision? We saw young Ty surrounded by crumpled checks and they were signed over to him and had Billy’s name? Again, how is Tyrone’s mother connected to Roxxon? How amazing is the music on this show? That scene with Tyrone and the police was so haunting.

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