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Time to pick up after the Sabers and select an Anime Holy Grail War Lancer. If you don’t recall, you should take a second, go back and read my introduction to this Anime Holy Grail War scenario. What we are doing is assembling a team of seven based on the servant classes of the Fate universe.

After selecting Captain Levi to be our Saber class servant, I’m moving on to the Lancer. Lancers possess superb agility, proficiency with hit-and-run tactics, and the ability to capitalize on close and long-range fighting techniques. Of course, they own a great skill in the use of a lance or spear type weapon. In the case of our team-based war, the Lancer acts as a flex between close quarters fighters (like the Saber) and the long-distance combatants (like the Archers we’ll eventually get to). The spear is the perfect weapon to adjust to the requirements needed based on the situation the Lancer is in.

What makes this class difficult is that there are so few anime characters that use lances or spears. (Or there are just few that I’ve seen!) Temptation hit me to include staff users, but the staff is an ineffective thrown weapon. Lancers have to be a threat not only close in melee combat but also as a hazard that must be accounted for at range. Additionally, if you look at the Lancers in Fate they all share a tragic sadness to their stories and I’ve come to believe that is the part of the Lancer class.

Spoiler: There will be a number of spoilers present. However, it is my hope that they will encourage you to take a chance on the animes they come from.


Anime Holy Grail War Lancer – Cyan Pile

Anime Holy Grail War Lancer - Cyan Pile
Gif: Viz Media

Cyan Pile is the duel avatar of Mayuzumi Takumu. Takumu transforms into Cyan Pile when he enters the fighting arena that is Brain Burst. The Brain Burst game uses the subconscious desires and fears of the user to create the avatar. Takumu’s wish to be a swordsman created the large bodied knight type avatar: while his fear of pierced through the neck gave form to his Pile Driver lance like weapon. His tragedy is the rift that forms between him and his friends when Brain Burst gives him a power that he exploits.

Special Ability: Pile Driver – This enhanced armament functions much like a rocket propelled spear. While it is most often used for close combat, Cyan Pile can fire the tip out at blinding speed with deadly accuracy. He can use the spear to pierce and pin enemies even at extreme distances.

Noble Phantasm: Lightning Cyan Spike – After engaging supports (much like stabilizers on a truck), Cyan Pile launches the driver out at such tremendous speeds that it becomes sheathed in lightning. The speed multiplies the force of the attack while the tip provides even more piercing power. While it excels as a long-distance attack, Cyan Pile can use it in close quarters to devastating effects.

Why I can’t pick him: While Cyan Pile has a great deal of strength, I don’t believe he as the quickness or agility to keep up with the other Lancer possibilities. On top of that, his greatest technique is his ability to turn his Pile Driver into a katana (thus making him more of a Saber than a Lancer).


Anime Holy Grail War Lancer – Edward Elric

Anime Holy Grail War Lancer - Ed Elric
Gif: Funimation

Also known as the Full Metal Alchemist, Ed Elric is an alchemist in service to the state’s military. He and his brother (Alphonse) travel across the country in search of information on how to obtain a Philosopher’s Stone. Their hope is to recover the parts of their bodies that they have lost. Obviously, Ed’s misfortune is his failure to revive his mother and the result being the loss of his body parts.

Special Ability: Alchemy – The use of alchemy can only be described as the marriage of science and magic. It is the execution of the Principle of Equivalent Exchange. If one comprehends the structure and properties of an object, then one can reform the components into anything. Ed demonstrates his ability by becoming the youngest State Alchemist in history.

Noble Phantasm: The Truth – Ed experiences “The Gate of Truth” while attempting the one taboo in alchemy, human transmutation. Though he loses an arm and a leg to Truth, he gains the ability to perform transmutations without the aid of a drawn circle. This ability lets Ed more freely and flexibly use his alchemy.

Why I can’t pick him: At the heart of it, Ed is an alchemist. While he does use alchemy to change his metal arm into a sword or create a dragon motif spear to use, he is most often using his alchemy to conquer the challenges in front of him. He is a Lancer possibility only in that he uses that spear from time to time.


Anime Holy Grail War Lancer – Daryun

Anime Holy Grail War Lancer - Daryun
Gif: Funimation

Daryun is a knight in service to Prince (in exile) Arslan. He is the “The Warrior among Warriors”. Daryun is proficient with many weapons but is most often seen wielding a spear while on horseback. He single handedly saved Prince Arslan from a betrayal/ambush that was designed to wipe out an entire army. It is tough to pin a hardship to Daryun because he is a man that accepts his role and takes responsibility…though he is sad for the situation the Prince finds himself in and will do whatever it takes to right that wrong.

Special Ability: Mounted Combat – Daryun usually fights from horseback. He is a very accomplished rider. Daryun uses the mobility available to him to make quick strikes.

Noble Phantasm: Honor of a Knight – Daryun is a knight in all aspects of the word. He is loyal and formidable. His keen intellect makes him a force in the middle of a fight. If you needed a knight to stand for you in a trail by combat, you couldn’t do much better than Daryun.

Why I can’t pick him: I really did want to pick Daryun. I don’t know if it is a boast or true but multiple characters say that his ability as a soldier is worth 50,000 regular troops. However, my set up is as a team and Daryun is a bit more of a do-everything-by-yourself person.


Anime Holy Grail War Lancer – Bulat

Anime Holy Grail War Lancer - Bulat
Gif: Sentai Filmworks

Bulat is a member of the Revolutionary Army’s assassination unit Night Raid. Prior to joining Night Raid, he was an officer in the Empire’s army and earned the nickname 100 Man-Slayer. Bulat is a man familiar with bringing death to any enemy in his path. Bulat is a soldier that reaches his limit and can progress no further. That heartbreak can only bring about his demise.

Special Ability: Neuntote – This auxiliary armament comes from relentless training with the Imperial Arm Incursio. It is a spear with the capabilities to cut through “Danger Beasts” with ease. As the wielder unlocks more of Incursio’s power, so too does Neuntote evolve (changing from a halberd like polearm to one with a V shaped tip designed for penetrating blows).

Noble Phantasm: Incursio – This armor type Teigu is the living body of a dragon-type Danger Beast, Tyrant. Tyrant’s life force was so strong that even after it was melded into the armor that became Incursio, his hunger for evolution and strength continued on. Incursio gains power as the wielder unlocks the possibilities of the armor. Additionally, a sufficiently proficient user can become invisible while in the armor.

Why I can’t pick him: When we meet Bulat, he is at the height of his mastery of Incursio and skills as a Lancer. It is tough to select someone who can no longer improve. It is tougher still when you witness what his successor does with the armor and how far he takes it.


Anime Holy Grail War Lancer – Pyrrha Nikos

Anime Holy Grail War Lancer - Pyrrha
Gif: Rooster Teeth

Pyrrha Nikos is a huntress in training at Beacon Academy. She possesses a professional nature that beguiles her youthful age. Her skill with the spear and shield are unparalleled. It would be truthful to call her Beacon’s most promising student. Her potential was limitless and thus the disaster that befalls her is all the more heart wrenching.

Special Ability: Semblance (Polarity) – Pyrrha didn’t go out of her way to flaunt her ability to manipulate magnetic fields. Until the weeks leading up to the Vytal Festival, very few opponents knew what she was capable of. Pyrrha would subtly adjust the power and trajectory of attacks made against her to throw off her opponents in a way they wouldn’t detect. Her ability to deflect by millimeters would give her an advantage that could go unnoticed to a less than discerning eye.

Noble Phantasm: Milo and Akouo – Every weapon in RWBY is more than it seems and that is the case for Pyrrha’s Milo. It can be a spear, short sword, and rifle. Pyrrha is a master of quick transformations with this weapon. This gives her advantages in close, medium, and long-range scenarios. She can use her control over polarity to manipulate her Akouo shield and throw it much like Captain America does.

Why I picked her: Pyrrha provides the most flexibility in the combat scenario I see this Anime Holy Grail War taking place in. She is a capable supporter while bringing some real strengths to the team. She can bounce between offense and defense, long range, and close quarters. Polarity is a perfect subtle power to bring to bear in a fight where most (if not all) combatants use metal weapons.


Anime Holy Grail War Lancer – Conclusion

That takes care of the Saber and Lancer for my Anime Holy Grail War team. I think I had the most trouble with coming up with this Lancer list. What suggestions would you have to add to this list? Who would your pick for the Lancer class be? Leave a comment here or contact me on social media (TwitterInstagram)!




Featured Image: Fate stay/night Unlimited Blade Works


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