Why ‘Take Two’ deserves a double take!

Take Two airs Thursday, June 21st at 10/9c on ABC

Raise your hand if you were a huge Castle fan! We’ll assume that if you didn’t raise your hand it’s because you never saw the cop dramedy. If that’s the case, then you are missing out and should go check it out immediately! Though, we will accept that there were some who didn’t like it. But even if that’s the case, Take Two could still work for you! Let us break it down and tell you why!

Take Two

Swift Decisions

Meet Samantha Swift, she’s a recently disgraced actress trying to break her way back into the spotlight. After coming off a 200 episode series run where she played a cop, Sam goes into a complete public meltdown. Complete with a little too much skin flashed for the paparazzi, resulting in rehab. When Sam gets out, she is given an opportunity that could not only change her life but help put her back in the spotlight. With the offer of a new role as a private investigator, Sam decides the only way she is going to restore her reputation will be by giving the most authentic performance of her career. What better way to do that than by shadowing a real private detective?

Take Two

Playing the part of Sam Swift is Rachel Bilson. Rachel has had a pretty wide range of parts from Summer in The O.C., to Zoe in Hart of Dixie. This role is going to be something completely different than her teenage socialite and country doctor parts of the past. We have no doubt she will be anything short of incredible as Sam!

Private dick

Not even remotely interested in having who he thinks is a spoiled brat shadow him around, private detective Eddie is forced to take on Sam as a partner anyway. But when Sam proves to have learned a few things with her long stint as a cop, Eddie is forced to admit that the partnership may just work in its own way. But things are about to get deeper and more serious than ever when organized crime becomes the centerfold of their case. Sam is going to have to realize that life as a detective is completely different in the real world. Meanwhile, Eddie may just have a few realizations of his own, like the plus side of having a partner!

Take Two

Our disgruntled detective is being taken on by Eddie Cibrian! Best known for Sunset Beach, Third Watch, CSI: Miami, and most recently, Rosewood, there aren’t many roles Eddie hasn’t taken on. Eddie Cibrian is certainly no stranger to playing a detective, but there are still a lot of elements to this show that are sure to give us a side of Eddie we haven’t seen yet!

Why you should watch

If the storyline to the characters, there is enough going on in this show to keep us all entertained. But the added benefit of Eddie Cibrian and Rachel Bilson taking on the roles of Eddie and Sam? Well, that’s something that will get us hooked! Things are sure to be entertaining, but still dramatic enough to keep us gasping. Add in a dash of action and comedy, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a show!

Take Two

There aren’t many shows making a summertime splash, but this one is sure to make some pretty powerful television waves! We all need something fresh and fun to keep us entertained during the long, hot summer. Take Two looks to be a pretty promising bet!

What are your thoughts on Take Two? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget we’ll be recapping and reviewing the show every week, right here at Pure Fandom! So be sure to stick with us for all the details!

Take Two airs Thursdays on ABC at 10/9c beginning June 21st!

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