‘The Crossing’: recap of the final 2 episodes

The Crossing episodes “The Androcles Option” and “These are the Names” aired June 9, 2018.

This is it. The final lap.


So AJ shot Foster, who bled out and died. Lindauer receives to move the refugees to high security prisons. Hence, Eve has to move up the timeline of her genocide plan. Lindauer explains to the guards that the refugees will be administered vaccinations, but they will actually be injected with poison. Eve does a “trial run” on Paul because he ratted out to Jude, which disturbs Lindauer. Furthermore, he figures out his daughter, Rachel, is Caleb and Rebecca’s biological child.

He’s not the only one who finds the latest development of events discomforting. Roy voices concern that the remaining survivors are being punished for the actions of those who escaped.

Meanwhile, Nestor, Marshall and Jude are helping Diana scavenge for materials to build her machine. It will scramble all the computers at the campsite to erase any evidence of the people there. She tells them it will only work once, so they must make it count. She also discovers her wife, was part of the group that followed Naomi. After completing the machine, she leaves to find Grace.

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Marshall wonders if the first arrivals changed his and his parents’ fates, or made him who he was meant to be. He believes Hannah’s locket means his purpose is to help the survivors. He goes to the camp to pass Roy a note for the survivors about what is going to happen, but is arrested in the process. Doyle tortures him. Roy passes the note to Caleb.

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Sophie finally finishes the cure she made from Reece’s DNA. She then tells Jude of Reece’s whereabouts and helps him sneak into the lab. However, Reece is in the process of escaping herself. Afterwards, they return Sophie to her lab, where Reece destroys the cure. Really, Reece? After EVERYTHING Sophie did for you? She says it will introduce apex earlier in time. But Sophie outfoxed her – she only showed Reece a decoy. She administers the real cure, even though it only has a 7% chance of working, and passes out.

Jude and Marshall show Diana’s device to Reece, the inventor herself left to find her wife. Reece agrees to help but is evidently still only interested in finding Leah. Honestly, why do they even bother with her?


The next morning, Nestor drives into camp. It’s suddenly snowing there, but it adds to the atmosphere as the escape plays out. It’s a ploy to a. get Marshall out and b. get Reece in. Roy hands Marshall a return-note, informing them that Caleb has everyone ready to go.

Reece meets Caleb. It’s awkward, but together they take out the patrolling guards. Reece throws a walkie-talkie to Jude, who tell Lindauer to check on his guards. Finding them tied up, Lindauer calls perimeter guards sweep camp, but Roy helps the survivors hide in Naomi’s cabin. He proceeds to cut the electricity to the fence, allowing Jude and Nestor to cut a hole. However, Doyle catches Roy. Repeat Marshall torture (I always knew these two would find something in common besides Hannah.)

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Jude enters camp to let the survivors know it’s time to move out. Reece and Leah reunite, as do Marshall and Hannah. Jude then goes to wipe the servers, but finds Doyle and Lindauer interrogating Roy. In the proceeding standoff, Doyle wins out by threatening Roy. However, Lindauer uses Jude’s confiscated gun to shoot Doyle. He lets Roy go.

Other guards restore power to the fence. Hannah – the last person to go through – steps in a puddle as she passes. Reece tackles her, but not after she experiences severe electrocution.

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Jude calls Lindauer by his original name, Noah. Isn’t there some myth where if you call a shapeshifter by it’s true name it will regain its original form? Lindauer relents and admits he has lived to see himself become the villain. He doesn’t actually want to kill the survivors.

Two weeks later…

Jude sits before an investigation task force. The camp has been burnt to the ground, no records of the refugees can be found, and Lindauer is MIA. Jude claims not to know anything.

The survivors are hiding in an old large barn somewhere remote. The investigation team confirmed they cannot identify any of the survivors, so with new documents (probably anonymously supplied by Lindauer), they are free to go. Hannah is still in trauma from electrocution, but is now safe to see a doctor. Jude passes Caleb directions (from Lindauer?) to find Rachel. She still recognises him as her father. Well, that’s one good thing, because Rebecca and co still missing.

Leah tells Jude that Naomi had repeatedly written his last name on her wall. Jude intends to find her. Also, Roy now works as a deputy at the station and insists on referring to Jude as “Sheriff”.

The First Arrivals locate Sophie at a hospital. However, she now has apex powers and kills the man sent to kill her. She walks out with killer boots and a new coat. Damn, girl. But also, is this how apex started? Did the First Arrivals only self-fulfil the prophecy?

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