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‘Lucifer’: Is Amazon the savior that diehard Lucifans have been praying for?

Last month, FOX the hearts of millions from one fandom to the next. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was quickly rescued by NBC. Meanwhile, The Expanse (SYFY) fans found new hope thanks to a timely rescue by Amazon Studios. It looks as though, the cries and 9+ million tweets from the #SaveLucifer campaign had quite the impact. The ever-talented Tom Ellis and his awesome castmates have been working overtime and giving interviews. The actors, showrunner, and other folks behind the scenes have been fantastic in working together to keep the momentum going. Recently, Amazon stepped out as the frontrunner for a possible new home for this beloved show that was cancelled far too soon.

Really, I’m still dumbfounded and devastated that FOX would just toss out one of its best shows and with such an amazing ensemble. After THAT cliffhanger. How could it be possible that we wouldn’t find out what happens next? The show has so much more potential left. Fans have signed petitions and hosted tweet parties. Another tweet party is set for 6/15/2018. This is time just before the moment of truth. A decision must be made regarding Lucifer‘s potential renewal by 6/16/2018. No pressure, Amazon Studios. You just could make for A LOT of happy Lucifer crew members and fans worldwide.

So, with days to go. Vote in every poll you can. Tweet out #SaveLucifer #PickupLucifer. Join a Tweet Party and show your faves from our show some love. Follow @SavingLuciferSP and @lucifansgroup1 for more details regarding what time the Tweet party will commence and the hashtag they’ll be using. Go forth and watch as much Lucifer as you can via Amazon Video to let them know that if they save our show, we’ll be there to watch what happens next. It’s crunch time, folks. Hopefully dear old Dad and the powers that be will soon give us the good word for Lucifer Season Four.


Image: FOX/Lucifer


Cort Robinson

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