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‘Cloak & Dagger’: Spoiler-free review of 1×03 “Stained Glass”

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Ep 1×03, “Stained Glass” airs on  Thursday, June 14, 2018


This week’s all-new episode, “Stained Glass” leads to some interesting discoveries for both Cloak and Dagger. Last week’s two-hour premiere was all about introducing these characters to a new audience. We learned about their personal tragedies and the things they continue to struggle with. We saw some of their home life and extracurriculars. When last we left Tandy and Tyrone things didn’t look for their new friendship. What with Tyrone appearing out of nowhere and shooting at the (stolen) car Tandy’s driving.

Freeform dropped a sneak peek which revealed exactly where the duo stands after this new car accident. I’m going to drop it below and you can watch if you so choose. I won’t say much about the episode, because…hi spoilers. However, the show does a good job of developing Cloak and Dagger’s powers and exploring their connection. The pace of the episode was perfect and the writing and action on screen keeps the audience engaged throughout.


Scene Stealer

I’m torn between the actors that play young Tandy (Rachel Ryals) and young Tyrone (Maceo Smedley). They both did an AMAZING job in this episode and there’s this one scene with Rachel that just blows me away. You’ll know what I mean when you watch the episode. Just perfect. Besides our two fantastic leads, I also enjoyed watching Emma Lahana completely take over the screen in her scenes as Detective O’Reilly. Total badass.


Official Synopsis

Okay, so here’s the official synopsis and sneak peek of the episode. For those who don’t want any details, thanks for reading up to this point and check back for my full recap of the episode on Thursday after 1×03, “Stained Glass” airs.

Per the official synopsis, “Tandy is on the run as Detective O’Reilly closes in on her, but the detective may not be after her for the reasons Tandy thinks. Tyrone is desperate for answers and turns to Evita and her Auntie Clarisse, a Voodoo priestess, for help.” Right, Tandy is on the run after stabbing her would-be rapist and avoiding that SOS from her friend, Liam. So we’re all set for this week’s episode. Drop your thoughts below about the episodes we’ve seen so far.


Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays at 8/7c

Image Credit: Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani

You can also find the show on the Freeform app, Freeform website, and Hulu

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