Home The 100 ‘The 100’: 12 GIFs of Bellamy Blake hair appreciation
‘The 100’: 12 GIFs of Bellamy Blake hair appreciation

‘The 100’: 12 GIFs of Bellamy Blake hair appreciation


Season 5 of The 100 is amazing and filled major revelations about our favorite characters, but despite the wonderfulness, there is something that the time jump is missing – the Bellamy Blake we once knew. Lucky for us, no matter the circumstance, there is one thing that has always puts our Bellamy loving hearts at ease – the best curly mop top this side of the apocalypse! To ease our current BB woes, let’s look back at the many hairs of Bellamy Blake – none of which include a space beard!

#1 Drop it like it’s hot – hair

the 100

#2 Sassy big bro – hair

the 100 bellamy  blake

#3 Over it – hair

the 100

#4 “Did I leave the curling iron on?” face – hair

the 100

#5 Beard admiration – hair

the 100

#6 “Thunder, feel the thunder. Lightning and the thunder!” – hair

the 100

#7 Camp fire – hair

the 100

#8 An apple a day keeps the Grounders away – hair

the 100

#9 Wet puppy – hair

the 100

#10 Longing stare – hair

the 100

#11 Straight up hair porn – hair

the 100

#12 Post apocalyptic wind – hair

the 100

No matter what is happening on the show, look to those locks of perfection and you will find the Bellamy Blake comfort your The 100 loving soul so desperately needs!

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May we meet again!

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