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The Originals 5×07 recap: I’m crying, you’re crying, we’re all crying

The Originals 5×07 “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water” aired June 6, 2018.

What makes The Originals such a wonderfully addictive show is something us fans like to call, “feels”. I’m talking kick-you-in-your-gut kind of feels, and this episode presented one of the very best of those moments the show has ever seen. This week we properly said goodbye to one of the show’s beloved lead characters, Hayley Marshall. She was beautifully written throughout the series—she above all was a fiercely loyal, dedicated mother. All she ever wanted for her daughter was to feel loved, and she wanted that fulfillment for her daughter’s father, Klaus.

Let’s break down the episode, starting with the scene that (still) has us all crying.

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Saying goodbye to Hayley, with father and daughter hand-in-hand

As Klaus astral-projects to Hope in her bedroom the morning of her mother’s funeral, she unloads not anger, but pain at him. She is so wracked with guilt about her mother’s death, and all she wants is her dad. It breaks Klaus’ heart to know that he can’t truly be there for his daughter, especially when his sole purpose in life is to make her happy.

During her funeral, Klaus risks everything to be there. Hope is on the dock of the bayou, watching her mother float away, and Klaus walks up to her, grabs her hand, and you could see actual hope and happiness return to her face. It broke my heart! Guys, Klaus has come full-circle, and it’s incredible. Don’t even get me started on his monologue while carving Hayley’s name in the tree. It was everything she always wanted Klaus to be. Of course, our moment of ultimate feels was ripped away, as Klaus is taken and barricaded in the Mikaelson compound, with, you guessed it—Elijah.

Oh, let’s just watch these feels-tastic scene again for shits and cries.

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WTF is going on with Elijah?

We all could have guessed that Klaus was actually saving Elijah from the unbearable guilt when he refused to restore his memories (which he still doesn’t have.) I started crying just thinking about what Elijah’s face will look like when he actually realizes he let the love of his life sacrifice herself to save her daughter—his niece. We can only assume that Greta’s army is responsible for locking the Mikaelsons in together, but we can also guess they don’t fully know the consequences.

Speaking of, here’s a quick recap of how bad The Hollow is: There’s a ladder of terror to The Hollow—lava, hail, vipers coming out of weird shit, etc. The top of that ladder of death is just that—death. The death of all firstborns completes The Hollow’s horrific destiny (read: Freya, Hope, Ivy, ah!) Klaus added another rung to the ladder to be with Hope during Hayley’s funeral, and things aren’t looking too good now that he and Elijah are locked in the compound together. Next week’s preview shows that Rebekah and Kol will be joining in on the fun, which means even more trouble.

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Where do we go from here?

The big bad of the season is The Hollow, sprinkled with maggots like Greta’s followers. There absolutely has to be a way for our OG’s to defeat The Hollow, and Hope hints at this possibility during her mother’s funeral. She’s refusing to give up, and Freya has agreed to entertain the possibility of saving them all. Once Elijah’s memories are truly restored, the family will be on the quest to defeat the evil that’s keeping them apart. I truly have no clue how they are going to beat it, and that really excites me. We have six episodes left this season, and that’ a lot of story to tell (look at how much has happened over the last seven episodes!)

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Ultimate fan prediction: Set up for Legacies!

My prediction is that Mystic Falls will somehow come into play—maybe some of Esther’s old magic? She was the biggest, baddest witch of them all, so it could make sense. Also, from a logistical perspective, the Legacies spinoff will be based in Mystic Falls of course, so bringing some of those characters into play would help jump-start the spinoff. My dream prediction? Bonnie Bennett makes an appearance, and we have a Caroline/Bon Bon mini-reunion. It could happen! And just for fun, can I also throw in my wish for Vincent to leave Nola and take up a teaching gig at the Salvatore School? Don’t say you wouldn’t love it. His sass and sarcasm can’t end on this show.

We are loving this season of The Originals here at Pure Fandom. What do you want to see unfold in the rest of season 5?  Tweet us your questions and predictions @Pure_Fandom and @lizprugh!

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9pm/8c on The CW.

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