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‘Cloak & Dagger’ recap: Freeform’s Own Dynamic Duo Arrive in Ep 1×01, “First Light”

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, series premiere “First Light” and “Suicide Sprints” aired on June 7, 2018

Freeform has been doing some very interesting things with the new shows they’ve greenlit in the past year or so. Their hit series, Siren just wrapped up an amazing first season a few weeks ago, and now we have a different comic book show than what we’re used to seeing. This week, the network premiered their long-anticipated series Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. There are no flashy costumes or heroes running out to save their city from a “big bad” of the week. The feels very grounded in that it’s set in New Orleans and our main characters are struggling with their inner turmoil and real-world external issues. The new series kicks off with a two-hour series premiere pulling us deep into the lives of our titular characters, Cloak/Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) and Dagger/Tandy Bown(Olivia Holt).

Light Meets Dark

The series opens with a short glimpse of Tandy and Ty’s shared past. The night they first connected. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Young Tandy was a carefree and happy spirit who danced in the rain while awaiting one of her parents to pick her up after ballet practice. Her mother it seems could not be counted upon. She ended up calling her father, Nathan Bowen, from his job at Roxxon labs. Tandy lets us know that he works in research and development for Roxxon. This will surely come up again, so let’s just store that information away. Her father comes across as an absent-minded professor type (mad scientist?). He doesn’t pay much attention to Tandy during their ride home, though. He’s on the phone and arguing with someone about a problem with some rig and it’s potential structural collapse. He mentions something about energy dispersion, but Tandy is more concerned that her father is driving like a maniac in the rain.  It was an accident waiting to happen.

Elsewhere, young Tyrone is following after Billy, the older brother that he clearly hero worships. He overhears his brothers’ friends trying to convince him to steal back a stereo system that they installed for some rich kid who stiffed them on the bill. His brother refuses not wanting to get into trouble. Tyrone decides to intercede not wanting his brother to look week in front of the other boys. Tyrone’s brother immediately lets him know what he did was wrong and the two are just about to take the stereo back when the cops show up. Right out the gate, the show is without fear in confronting real-world social issues like the cop shooting Tyrone’s unarmed brother and Tandy’s substance abuse.

Both Tandy and Tyrone end up in the water at the same moment that the energy dispersion hits the water. What exactly were they working on at Roxxon? It seems that this energy saves both kids who would’ve ended up drowning. Instead, they somehow connected and saved each other. Tandy was stuck in that car and Ty was drowning wherever he was, then suddenly they reached out through the flood of light and shadows and found one another.


The Thief & the Choirboy

Tandy and Ty take very different approaches to dealing with the respective tragedies in their pasts. Tyrone becomes the good son and exemplary student/star athlete. He pretends to be okay even while the weight of guilt about his brother’s murder and his need for revenge is like poison in his veins. Tandy is definitely not doing okay. Over the years, she’s picked up on her mother’s pill-popping as a way to cope and honing her craft as a pickpocket and grifter. She picks up douchey, rich boys and then robs them blind with her partner, Liam.  The audience doesn’t feel too bad about her first on-screen victim since the roofie she slips into his drink saves her from being sexually assaulted by the jerk. Of course, he comes around again later to finish the job and we have that amazing moment when she instinctively forms that light dagger and stabs him in the gut.

Tyrone is that cool kid who’s in with the “in crowd”, but he’s still an outsider among them. Then he reconnects with Tandy and suddenly there’s this person who can maybe relate to what he’s feeling. Even if she does pick his pocket and freak out when the light starts shining from her hand and darkness comes from his hand likes waves of shadows. That’s how they recognize one another from the beach. It makes sense that Tandy would freak out and make a run for it. Not only did she get caught stealing, but now she’s got this whole other thing going on. The two also discover that if they touch someone they can get impressions of that person’s thoughts, hopes, or fears.

Since the night Billy was murdered by an officer in uniform, Tyrone has struggled. It turns out that the corrupt cop had a family member on the force that covered up his very existence. The older cop made it seem as if Tyrone was lying about seeing that cop and that Billy was on drugs and not murdered as Tyrone asserted. Everything changes when Tyrone’s powers awaken. While Tandy can form light daggers, Tyrone’s shadows seem to transport him whenever he’s under some type of cover…like a cloak.


On The Run Tour

After Tandy stabs her would-be rapist, she decides that she needs to get out of town and fast. She and Liam make a deal with their favorite fence/forger, but they don’t have all of the money needed. Tandy returns home briefly to find her mother has raided Tandy’s personal stash of pills and cash she’s been saving up. Needing a backup plan, Tandy and Liam play wedding crashers at a very fancy shindig. They manage to steal what they need, but Liam ends up getting arrested by the detective assigned to that late night stabbing. Oops.

Tyrone is more and more consumed with the need for revenge against Detective Connors, the officer who murdered his brother. He finds himself neglecting school and forgetting his responsibilities. His teammates don’t take too kindly for being punished for his actions or his obvious distraction. For some reason, his powers didn’t work when he was trying to escape the three-on-one ambush. He ends up trying to kill Connors, but his powers transport him at the last moment to Tandy where he ends up shooting up her windshield. Uh-oh.

The two-hour premiere definitely set the table for an interesting season to come. There are questions for sure. What exactly was Nathan Bowen working on at Roxxon? What’s the connection between the company and Tyrone’s mother? She mentioned it on the phone while Ty was talking to his dad during that second episode. What did you think of the first two episodes of Cloak & Dagger? Has it pulled you in for the summer? Hit the comments below to let me know what you think or drop a comment over on twitter @Pure_Fandom or on Facebook. Be sure to check back here for our weekly recaps and spoiler-free previews.


Cloak & Dagger airs Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c

Photo Credit: Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani

You can also find the show on the Freeform app, Freeform website, and Hulu

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