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Why Captain Swan reigns as ‘Once Upon a Time’s’ ultimate ship

Oncers, you thought you saw (read) the last of me! Since I’ve had a couple weeks to digest the ending of an era, because it is an era, I have realized Captain Swan was the ultimate ship. Which I already knew, obviously, but the series finale really solidified how well-developed they were. We got everything between Emma and Killian, which isn’t all that common on some shows, especially with this show. As a fandom we were #blessed.

Their first kiss(es)

If you want to get technical, the fandom had two first kisses, but this was the real one. Although, don’t discredit the Neverland kiss because that was only the beginning. Remember the good ole “one-time thing”? Good times. I feel like this one went on for like 12 minutes too. The walls were coming down!

Their first date


First date goals:

“Wow…you look…”

“I know.”

They both even bought new outfits for this date. They were so excited, and goodness, this episode was EVERYTHING! For a pirate, he sure knew how to plan a date and make Emma feel like the princess she legitimately is. Also, when he gave her that rose and their goodnight kiss, I was a goner. There was literally an episode dedicated to their first date. Iconic, you guys.

Their first “I love you”


This scene was bittersweet because, you know, Emma got sucked into the darkness. Nevertheless, after seasons of Emma being closed off to love, we got to see her take that leap with Killian. I was so sad when she was about to say it only minutes before, but backed out of it (Killian’s reaction made me want to cry). So when she said it at the end, I was screaming, but also crying.

Uh their first resurrection


I mean, what other couple goes through a resurrection? I’m hoping not many, but Captain Swan did. And you know why? Because Zeus himself knew that their love was more powerful than death, so he sent Killian back to the other half of his heart. MY HEART.

Their first (and second) engagement


We didn’t get just one proposal but two!!! Granted, the first one was under pretenses that weren’t all that great, but it was still just as exciting. Then to get two proposals….we were really spoiled in the best way ever. Both times were enough to bring me to the brink of tears. It was just the two of them, together forever.

Okay, fine. I’ll admit I actually cried during both proposals.

Their wedding


Best. Wedding. Episode. Ever. I loved the fact that the musical episode was also the wedding episode because I think it made it even more special than it already was. Throw in those heartwarming vows, and the fandom really did receive the best wedding episodes. Not to mention “A Happy Beginning” is a literal jam. Besides the last ten seconds. Ugh.

Their pregnancy announcement and baby


When Emma announced she was pregnant in 7×02, I was over-the-moon ecstatic. Because Emma and Killian deserved to have a chance of raising a baby together. Emma never got to with Henry, so I love the fact she got to with her true love. Then they go and show Killian and Emma with their baby in the finale. It was perfect. Everything down to Emma carrying a baby bag and Killian holding their daughter, it was what I wanted.

Suffice to say, Captain Swan is the ultimate TV couple, and anyone who disagrees is wrong. Viewers got to see every milestone of their romance throughout the series run. They’re the best. Why do you love Captain Swan? Sign off below or tweet us!

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