‘The Crossing’ recap: “Hope Smiles from the Threshold”

The Crossing episode 9, “Hope Smiles from the Threshold”, aired June 4th, 2018.

This show is more complicated than a rollercoaster ride. SO much has happened, yet it feels like we’ve only scratched the surface of what is to come.

The creator

2194. Rebecca’s daughter, Rachel, was taken in the night. Following the incident, Caleb wanted to leave and start anew; Rebecca was more reluctant. At the threshold, there was a long line to even get into the building. Inside, Caleb saw Eli, a con man and the person ordering Naomi around. Eli wanted to use Naomi’s knowledge for his own gain.

The mystery woman at the mob – Diana – and her wife Grace had built and were operating the time machine. Reece pushed to the front of the line to warn them the apex were arriving. When the place came under siege, people panicked and caused a stampede. Diana and Grace had no time to calibrate the threshold/time machine properly, hence why everyone landed in the ocean.

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In present day, Diana explains to Jude and Nestor that she tried to seal the threshold as she passed through so apex cannot cross, though she can’t be sure. She has built a device that could potentially alert her when someone makes the crossing. That’s a lot of uncertainties.


Diana tells Jude that she sent the First Arrivals to the present. Since they never returned, she surmised they did not realise their mission and turned her focus to saving as many lives as possible. She helps recognises Lindauer as “Noah”, and helps identify Eve as the last person Emma saw. She tells the cops that 26 people made the crossing the first time – 25 adults and a child.

Meanwhile, Even makes Paul hide in some house instead of letting him live with her. When he asks questions, she gets evasive. Paul calls Jude to inform him about the video he recorded. However, he does not name Eve as the mastermind. Fortunately, it is enough to warn Jude that something bad might happen to the camp.

Someone, or some people, has started graffiti tagging the acronym ‘WDTL’ on the cabins. It stands for ‘We Deserve to Live’, a phrase that became a symbol of rebellion in the future. Lindauer recalls doing the same thing when he was younger, and expresses his discomfort with Eve’s plan. She shuts him down. I must say, The Crossing is turning Lindauer into a rather interesting character.

The First Arrivals catch wind of Diana’s presence and send “Doyle”, formerly Delilah, as an FBI agent to retrieve her from the station. Diana says Doyle/Delilah is an assassin, meaning she is now targetted for elimination. Jude manages to keep Doyle/Delilah at bay. He moves her to Marshall’s trailer. Diana says she can build a device to make the survivors “disappear”. The three of them – Jude, Diana, and Marshall – start planning to save the camp.

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Small and sneaky

Rebecca confesses to Naomi that she feels she abandoned Rachel. Naomi uses this to further lure Rebecca into leaving camp with her. Tonight. Caleb warns Rebecca that people like Naomi, who cannot get their way with brute force, are the most dangerous, as they get by by manipulation. However, Rebecca eventually leaves with Naomi and three other refugees.

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Naomi also managed to get an agent – AJ – into helping them escape, after failing to lure Foster. Foster himself starts to suspect there is something more to the refugees, after Naomi “foresees” an earthquake in Peru. However, he doesn’t inform Lindauer when prompted. He stops the group as they are leaving. Someone is shot in the standoff. Roy attends to the bleeding agent – is it AJ or Foster? I couldn’t tell. Caleb searches for Rebecca.

Anyway, some other developments:

  • Hannah somewhat friendzones Roy. She apologises for leading him on and explains she was anxious to make a friend that she didn’t consider how things might be from his perspective. She realises he is now reluctant to talk to her, but gives him flowers – one yellow, one white, tied with hemp. In her time, they symbolise apology.
  • Caleb and Rebecca may have been growing apart even before their daughter was taken.
  • The child who made the crossing with the First Arrivals was…Rachel??! She is Lindauer’s “daughter”??! She has the same brand as Naomi, and is reading up intensively in cryptography and cryptoanalysis.

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