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Rick is leaving ‘The Walking Dead’? Say it ain’t so!

Shocking news out of the world of The Walking Dead this week as we learned that Andrew Lincoln is planning on leaving the show after this season – and only planning on being in a few episodes all together. That’s right, Rick, the main character and biggest bad-ass around is going away. When I heard this news I went through all the normal emotions just like every other fan: sadness, denial, and confusion. So what emotion did I land on after giving it some thought?

Pure anger

Yeah, that’s right, I went with anger. Not really with Lincoln, I can understand his desire to want to move on after so many years playing a single character. On that level, it does make a lot of sense. I’m just angry that a show that I have enjoyed for so long is essentially over – although you could make a strong case that is was past its prime anyway. Even with the show missing something from the early days, it is sad to see it go out like this and I’m not looking forward to what I expect will be coming.

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So now what?

There is one character that could (and should) take over the reigns from Rick as the main character of the show, Carl. Oh wait, they killed that character off in a huge departure from the comics. It begs the question though – did they know about Rick when they made that decision? They must have had some idea, which makes the decision even more baffling. OK, I’m off the point. So, who does take over with no Rick and no Carl? I think we all know the answer…


Yep, Daryl. Along with the reports of Rick leaving the show, there were also rumors of a huge payday for Norman Reedus coming. That would suggest that he stands to take on an even larger role than he had previously had. For a lot of people this is going to be amazing news, because let’s face it, Daryl has a very large fan base. I am not one of those people. I don’t have anything against him, he is a character I mostly enjoy, but I don’t love him the same way other fans do. Is he really the character to make long game plans? I just can’t see it or his character pulling it off as currently written. That isn’t a knock on Reedus though, I really like him as an actor, but the character hasn’t really been written in a Rick role in my opinion.

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The Wildcard

OK, so maybe this is a a pipe dream, but maybe Negan could take over the role as the main man! I have no idea how that would work, but Negan was the best part of the last season so they need to find a way.

Maybe it isn’t all bad

Maybe it isn’t all bad and we are all panicking for nothing. Maybe the writers have this amazing plan for the direction of the show and the characters, and Jesus will get some actual screen time. I have to believe that there is something they have planned and that this just doesn’t just turn into fan service for Daryl lovers. I have to believe that because if Rick Grimes has taught me anything, it’s to never give up.

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Mike loves to geek out over Star Wars, superheroes, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. He is 100% Slytherin, a Sith Supporter and thinks Negan is probably the hero of Walking Dead.

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