3 ‘Fantastic Beasts’ fan theories and why they hold water

The Harry Potter universe is filled with fan theories. From Ron Weasley being a time-traveling Dumbledore, to Harry’s horcrux being the source of the Dursley’s hate, there are endless fan theories that range from plausible to the teacher from Incredibles.

Fantastic Beasts is no different, spawning its own fan theories. Here are three fan theories that have sparked my interest and have evidence. Fair warning, there might be spoilers, but who knows.

The Maledictus is Nagini

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This theory is more far-fetched than the others. In Crimes of Grindelwald, there is a new character played by Claudia Kim named Maledictus. The theory is that Maledictus turns into Nagini. Here’s what we know about Maledictus.

She is also a part of the circus, and the circus poster shows an Enchanting Snake Girl. The Maledictus and Enchanting Snake Girl are one and the same. I mean look at those tights!

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We know that a Maledictus is someone who is cursed to change into a beast. What if the Maledictus can transform into a snake and then is cursed to stay that way? What if she ends up a snake for the rest of her life? The timeline could work, it’s not known when Tom Riddle came across Nagini. Could that be the Maledictius? It would also explain some of Voldemort’s weird relationship with Nagini, what if they met when the Maledictus was human? Hopefully some of these questions will be answered in the new movie.

Ariana is an obscurus

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Ariana is Dumbeldore’s sister who died tragically. Most of Ariana’s history is mysterious, but what we do know makes it sound like Ariana is an obscurus. When Ariana was six years old, she was attacked by muggles who saw her using magic. The torture turned her powers inwards. Sound familiar? This inward power made her dangerous, and this ended badly.

‘Then, when she was fourteen … see, I wasn’t there,’ said Aberforth. ‘If I’d been there, I could have calmed her down. She had one of her rages, and my mother wasn’t as young as she was, and … it was an accident. Ariana couldn’t control it. But my mother was killed.’ – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This certainly sounds like she could have been an obscurus. Someone who represses their magical abilities, and it becomes too powerful and ends up exploding? Maybe with Dumbledore in the next movie, this will be explored.

Credence is Related to the Lestranges

This one has the most evidence. There is even a picture that essentially proves that this theory is no theory, but rather, fact.


Harry Potter Wiki

In the trailer there is a scene of a man (Dumbledore? Newt?) looking at an illuminated family tree showing that Credence and Leta are siblings! Whaaaat? They are both children of Crovus Lestrange. What significance will this have? It’s interesting for sure! Can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

Everything we know so far about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 


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