Something breathtaking to look at: 4 manga/anime with gorgeous visuals

Do you want something breathtaking to look at in your next manga or anime selection? Besides kick*** intros and awesome weapons, one of the things that is sure to draw me into a new series is beautifully drawn visuals. There are times when I’ll peruse screen captures or official art or online libraries looking for something new to consume. During those times I’m looking for visuals that grab my senses and will not let go.

I believe that sharing little slices of these wonderfully drawn manga or striking visuals from anime is a good way to get you interested in something new. So that is what I would like to try today. Naturally there will be a bit of sharing I have to do that might be “spoiler-ish” but I hope you’ll indulge me.

Something breathtaking - Smiles
This is a pair of offerings from my 2016 Project 365 – Smiles are a great focal point!

Something breathtaking – Love at Fourteen

I ran across this manga during my time in Portland working the manga library for Wizard World. To my eye, it has a beautiful simplicity. It is a sweet story and the art style fits it perfectly. Puberty and the embarrassment of middle school is an awkward time for nearly all of us. However, the characters are so charming which is nice in a story about a first love.


Something breathtaking – Fate stay/night: Unlimited Blade Works

Something breathtaking - UBW 1

Something breathtaking - UBW 2
Gif: Ufotable

You may want to call this one “Unlimited Budget Works”. The action scenes are so well done and detailed. One must imagine that the hardest thing to animate is a chaotic battle scene and UBW is full of them. Episode 1 only whets your appetite for these complex battle scenes. As you progress further, it gets better and better. The only way to know is to experience it yourself.




Something breathtaking – Akame ga Kill

In my opinion, there is no better drawn manga character than Esdeath in Akame ga Kill. I have told this to my otaku partner-in-crime several times. I’ve mentioned her in a couple of other articles, but you must see her in all her manga glory. That isn’t to say that the whole aesthetic of Akame ga Kill isn’t super well done, but it is Esdeath that always impresses me. Honestly if I could recommend only one manga for you to purchase, then Akame ga Kill would be my pick. Not only is Esdeath so well drawn, but all the battle scenes communicate a wonderfully frantic environment.


Something breathtaking – Violet Evergarden

Something breathtaking - Violet Evergarden 1
Gifs: Netflix

Something breathtaking - Violet Evergarden 2Two elements that stand out to me in well drawn animation are fingers and water. Violet Evergarden pays close attention to these two details. At the beginning of the anime, we get a lot of focus on Violet’s fingers. As she is learning to use the typewriter there is plenty of attention paid to the way her fingers dance across the keys. As for the water, later in the series we get the treat of seeing Violet deftly pirouette across water. The water becomes a living thing and it moves with purpose and magnificent loveliness.


I don’t know how well my purpose for sharing these manga and anime has come across. I’m definitely not an art critic. I kind of want to shove your face into these things and say “LOOK AT THESE PRETTY THINGS! LOVE THEM LIKE I LOVE THEM”. Actually, I kind of feel that way with most of my articles. Is that how my way of sharing reads to you? Leave a comment here and suggest something to me that you find beautiful! Or reach out to me on social media (TwitterInstagram) because I’d love to hear from you. I’d like to write about things that not only I find interesting but things that you love too! I can’t do that without some back and forth. So, don’t be shy!


Featured Image: Aniplex

Colored Esdeath panel: Seth Carnes


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