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‘Life Sentence’ recap: Top 3 moments from 1×10, “The Way We Work”

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 10, “The Way We Work”, Aired May 25th, 2018

In this week’s episode of Life Sentence, Wes and Stella’s marriage problems started to take its toll, not only on them but also on Stella’s family. However, Wes and Stella decided to see a marriage counselor to try to work through their problem, which proved to be harder than they thought. Aiden matures and decides to be a better man, which includes opening his own business. Also, Lizzie gets some good news about her book being published, which allows her to work together with her mom and improve their bond.

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments from 1×10 in more detail:

#1 Stella and Wes seeking professional help

Stella gets the idea from Lizzie that therapy may be a good option for her and Wes to help work through their marriage problems. Due to money issues, they sadly can’t meet with Lizzie’s counselor, but Stella manages to work some magic and get them free counseling sessions at the hospital. The only catch is that the counselor is still a student. The poor guy didn’t know what was coming his way, but I have to say he did give them some great advice.

Through their therapy sessions, Stella began to see that Wes was in fact making most of the sacrifices in their relationship. This, of course, would not be fair to anyone, so it is no surprise that Wes isn’t exactly happy. However, Wes has to learn to stop doing everything just to please Stella. By both of them working together so that Stella makes more sacrifices and Wes looks out for his own happiness too, they can hopefully survive this rocky patch. Relationships, marriage, and even friendships do involve compromise, but the compromise has to be equal and fair or the other person will begin to resent the other. I am really rooting for Wes and Stella. Despite them not believing they would last forever due to Stella’s previous death sentence, I do think that these two can make it if they put in the work.

In the end, we see Stella making some needed sacrifices to help save their marriage, which included selling her engagement ring which nearly sent Wes into debt. The money she made allowed her to buy Wes his British phone-box which could be put in the bar that Aiden was set on opening up along with Wes. Wes was insanely happy to see that Stella was open to making sacrifices for the sake of their marriage. Here’s hoping these two last! I don’t want Stella and Wes to break up! *sobs*

#2 Aiden deciding to open up his own bar

Aiden wants to get his life in check and decides to open up his own bar. Everyone is like, “Yeah, that’s a great plan. But, like, are you for real?” Yup, Aiden was for real. But he didn’t exactly take into consideration his current situation… Aiden has had no previous employment history, no money, and not to mention, he now has a criminal record and is still on probation. Despite all this, Wes sets up a meeting with the bank for Aiden in hopes he can somehow wow them into giving him a loan. As expected, it didn’t work. They refused to let Aiden open up the bar, however, if Wes became his partner, then they would say yes. Obvi, Aiden was ecstatic by this news, but it placed added stress on Wes. Was it really a good idea to agree to go into business with Aiden when his marriage to Stella was falling a part? I have to say, Wes is right, and this becomes a complicated situation.

Wes breaks it to Aiden gently and voices his thoughts. He needs time to think on it and knows it will depend on whether or not he feels his marriage to Stella will work out or not. If he agrees to go into business with Aiden and then his marriage ends in divorce, then this would create a really awkward and hostile situation to work in. Even if it ended well, there is no denying there is risk that it may get too complicated. So, it is is a huge decision to make. With Stella’s comprise at the end of the episode, it showed Wes how much she was really all-in on their marriage, which prompted him to agree to be partners with Aiden. Yay to this! I think Wes and Aiden’s partnership is a way to solve both of their problems. Wes hates his current job and Aiden is, well, not exactly a great candidate to get hired. Really it is a win-win situation.

#3 Lizzie and Ida working together for Lizzie’s book

Lizzie gets some great news that the children’s book she’s been working on is going to get published – YAY! Looks like hard work is starting to pay off for Lizzie. With that news, she needs to find an artist to make the illustrations for her book, so she asks her dad for a recommendation. Much to Lizzie’s surprise, he suggests her mom. Peter explains that her mom gave up her dream of being an artist when she had kids, so it would be a great idea for her to let her mom do some sketches. Of course, Lizzie agrees but is skeptical whether or not she will be any good. Ida gets carried away and does some sketches which had basically nothing to do with Lizzie’s book and tries to take over. Lizzie gets infuriated and flips out, getting angry with her mom. She says some mean things and Ida storms away. Luckily for the both of them, they knew it was just said in the heat of the moment and her mom isn’t mad at her for long. She then comes up with some great and relevant sketches for Lizzie’s book.

In the end, Lizzie’s publisher gives them the thumbs up and it is officially confirmed that her book will have the go-ahead and be published. To make it even more wonderful news, Lizzie tells them that she only agrees as long as her mum does the illustrations and no one else. Well, isn’t that some great mother-daughter team work!

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