The Bold Type Season 2 Premiere: “Feminist Army” and “Rose Colored Glasses” spoiler-free review

It’s back! The Bold Type season 2 airs on June 12, and with it, our reviews and recaps!

Man, Bold Type fans, we missed you guys.

Ready for some hints about the two-part premiere? Let’s do it.

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2×01, “Feminist Army”

“Feminist Army” was a great season opener. The tone feels a little off from the first season, but that’s probably to be expected. And our core trio is still the same bunch of bold, ambitious, inspiring characters, so no complaints there.

The time jump length is surprising. It’s significantly shorter than I, personally, expected.

Jane spends the episode working on a story about an inspiring feminist who’s business provides homeless women with menstrual cups. The subject really tests Jane in her new job, and as a journalist.

Sutton discovers that inter-office romance is now allowed, which puts her at a delicate crossroads in regards to Richard.

Kat returns from her trip, with Adena in tow, and continues to kick ass at her job. However, it’s not all smooth sailing in the romantic department.

“Feminist Army” ship scores:

Suttard: 5/10

Kadena: 10/10 (but it’s not all bliss)

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

Every once and a while, you wonder how a show managed to get a certain scene past the censors. There’s one scene this episode that you probably wouldn’t expect to see on the formerly titled ABCFamily (thank the TV Gods for the change to Freeform!)

(Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)

2×02, “Rose Colored Glasses”

“Rose Colored Glasses” tackles some big issues — honesty in media, slut shaming, and racial identity.

And, you guessed it, each of our ladies is dealing with one of the above.

Jane has to publicly address the importance of honesty in media, and her personal stakes are high.

Sutton is being bullied at work by a coworker who doesn’t shy away from slut shaming.

Kat has a huge dilemma — embrace or reject labeling herself in her Scarlet bio.

“Rose Colored Glasses” ship scores:

Suttard: 2/10

Kadena: 5/10

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

All of our Bold women shine this episode. You’ll end the hour feeling incredibly proud of each of them, even if not everyone on the show agrees. One secondary character, in particular, makes a horrible decision regarding a member of the trio.

Alright, that’s it for your first The Bold Type season 2 spoiler-free review! Let the countdown begin! 12 days to go!

If you need to pass the time until the premiere, check out our The Bold Type tag for articles and recaps from last season! And follow us on Twitter @Pure_Fandom and me @reagandpierce, where I may just be dropping some more hints leading up to the premiere!

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