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‘The Originals’ Hayley Marshall: A playlist dedicated to her fierceness

Last night’s The Originals episode was a heartbreaking end to one of our favorite female characters on TV, Hayley Marshall. TVD and Originals fans, instead of simply reliving her best moments, we’re going to make a playlist in her honor. Add your favorite songs that remind you of the fierce, strong, badass mother and hybrid. Of course, I’ve kicked things off with some Birdy (a throwback to my TVD fans), and some up-beat rock songs to celebrate her strength.

The playlist is collaborative! That’s right, you can add your favorite songs that remind you of Hayley Marshall!

I added most of the songs you submitted on Twitter, but I know more are out there!

Listen and add your Hayley Marshall-inspired song(s) here:

*You need to open Spotify to add to the playlist. Also, I added a Birdy song, because DUH!

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