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How ‘Solo’s big reveal sets up an Obi-Wan Kenobi film

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Read at your own risk!

Fans have either loved or felt “OK” about the latest Star Wars film, Solo. On either end, the majority of Star Wars fans have collectively agreed that the big reveal at the end of the film was just what the franchise needed.


Qi’ra, played by the brilliant Emilia Clarke, was revealed at the end to be a part of dangerous group, Crimson Dawn, led by Darth Maul. Maul was revealed in a hologram (with OG actor Ray Park!), complete with robotic legs and his famous sinister snare. Let’s dive in to what all of this means for future films, and how it finally brings Obi-Wan back into the fold.

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Why there needs to be Darth Maul in order to have an Obi-Wan Kenobi film

We all know what happens to Obi-Wan post-Episode III: He rides it out on Tatooine until teenaged-Luke draws him out of hiding with Leia’s message in R2-D2. BUT, thanks to the canon comics and TV series Clone Wars and Rebels, Kenobi’s story has unfolded to be much more than that. Long story short (see the video below for full details), Maul miraculously survives his fall (and being sliced in half) from his epic battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode I. Maul runs into his brother, gets a robotic lower half, and ends up becoming a rogue Darth. He hates the Empire—as well as the light side of the force. He seeks revenge on Kenobi, and without spoiling too much, their paths cross in some of the most exciting Star Wars storylines. Darth’s reveal at the end of Solo hints that future films will bring those storylines to the silver screen.

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Crimson Dawn: This could be the big bad for an Obi-Wan Kenobi film

At this point, it seems pointless to do a Han Solo trilogy (do we really need two more films where Han stars?), but another side story that jets off the storyline of Qi’ra and Maul in Solo is the perfect foundation for a Kenobi film. A Kenobi trilogy that focuses on his secret missions and battles against Maul/Crimson Dawn has not already been proven to be some stellar storytelling in the TV series, but it’s exactly what fans are wanting.

As we saw at the end of Solo, Crimson Dawn is the society that Qi’ra works for, helmed by Darth Maul. A spy-esque Star Wars film with Kenobi as the hero would not only make for a unique pivot on the (droning) Skywalker storyline, but a much-asked for storyline for Kenobi. The Kenobi character has such a gap from Episode III to Episode IV, that this would even further help support why Kenobi ended up giving himself to the force in Episode IV.

Also, Ewan McGregor is still the perfect cast! (He was also present at the Solo premiere, and a script is rumored to be in the works at Disney.)


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Take a look at the below video from Flicks And The City’s YouTube page for more details on how Darth Maul’s re-introduction into the film franchise opens up an Obi-Wan film.

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