‘Legion’ 2×08 Discussion: Who’s in charge?

Legion, Season 2, Episode 8, “Chapter 16,” Aired May 22, 2018

This was another amazing episode of Legion, one that saw us getting closer and closer to the inevitable confrontation with David and Farouk. There was a lot going on in this episode, as you would expect, with only a few left in this season. So what exactly happened this week in Legion 2×08?

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#1 The Machine. Okay, so we actually got a little bit of background on the mysterious basket head, and it turns out he is a mutant. His particular abilities allow him to store secrets for the what I assume is the government. It was nice to get a little background on him and maybe make a little sense of what is going on inside that basket. His mind is basically a machine, which explains a lot of what we have seen going on with Ptonomy in that strange binary room.

#2 Another Minotaur sighting. What exactly is the significance of the Minotaur and it’s seemingly random appearances? Like most things happening in this show, I can’t seem to make out what it means, but I assume there is some larger meaning to it.

#3 Is David the bad guy? Okay, maybe calling David the villain is a little bit of an exaggeration, but it is getting easier to see him as someone that could destroy the world. He doesn’t seem to have much of an issue abusing his powers when the need arises and I can easily picture it getting out of control for him.

But is it really him?

Here’s the thing though, how much of this is actually David? We know that David has other personalities in his head, because we have heard at least 2 of them talking throughout this season. We also know that he has been susceptible to being controlled by these personalities before, with the Shadow King. Is it possible that David is not fully in control right now and that one or more of these other personalities are really calling the shots? There were a few clues in this episode that got me thinking that this might be the case.

#1 Syd and her long discussion about David with Clark. She seems to think David has changed and that he is lying all the time, and that he is hiding things. Possibly that he isn’t fully in control?

#2 His grand plan to take out Farouk’s body. When he was in his chamber and realized what he needed to do to devise a plan. A conversation occurs about who to tell and who to use. Both voices sort of sound like Dan Stevens, but could possibly be 2 separate parts of his mind talking. It does beg the question, who’s plan is it? Who is actually calling the shots in his head? It is something to keep an eye on when theses other parts of his personalities start to reveal themselves fully.

What do you think? Hit the comments and let us know!

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