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‘The Flash’ season 4 FINALE!: “We are the Flash” recap

The Flash season 4 episode 23, “We are the Flash” aired May 22, 2018.

Another season gone! It seems way too fast. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Flash still has to stop Clifford from launching the Enlightenment.

Professor Devoe? Professor Devoe? Oh my god he f—ing dead.

Captain Singh is here! I miss this man! He always look so dapper. I digress. The police chief is trying to call Barry. The mayor read Iris’ articles and realised Barry must have been wronged by the psycho, so she’s letting him back on the force! Before Singh finishes his voicemail, Clifford scrambles all the tech in Central City.

Iris brings Marlize to Star Labs. The mechanic proposes they use Cecile’s power (finally!!!) to link up Barry’s mind to Clifford’s. Once in there, Barry should find the ‘good Clifford’ that Marlize believes is still in there.

the flash iris west marlize devoe
image: the CW

Clifford’s mind is the Central City landscape. Barry enters through the same portal he exited the speedforce. Marlize directs him to the Devoe house, but he finds it empty. Harry, who can barely verbalise, manages to beg Cisco to put the intelligence booster on him. It lets him pass on the idea for Barry to go to Oxford, where Clifford and Marlize met. However, it fries his brain for good. He hugs a tearful Cisco.

the flash harry wells cisco ramon
image: misomeru tumblr

At Oxford, Barry finds not the man but Ralph! His consciousness is being trapped there. Ralph suggests they check out Clifford’s old office and find the ‘good Clifford’ stabbed to death.

Attack of the Clones

Meanwhile, Cecile is close to giving birth. Her contractions are interfering with her ability to maintain her mental connection with Barry and Clifford. If she gives birth, she will lose her powers and Barry will be trapped in Clifford’s mind forever. Clifford himself enters Star Labs, but Cisco stops him form getting too close with a force field. Marlize transports everyone into a pocket dimension. Harry, whose brain is permanently fried, starts muttering the weird stuff about stars post-speedforce Barry had said.

the flash cecile horton
image: the CW

In Clifford-mindscape, Barry realises that if Ralph makes it through the portal in Clifford’s mindscape, he can regain control. Before they can leave, Clifford confronts them again. As they fight, Barry notes that the man can read their thoughts and predict their movements. Ralph proposes not thinking, or thinking about something else. He chooses to think about eating shrimp. Barry thinks of Iris. Clifford somehow summons a horde of his clones, but the duo fight their way through relentlessly.

Clifford has found the pocket dimension. He quickly knocks out everyone but Joe. He starts to turn Joe’s gun on himself, but the detective (with Cecile’s help?) resists, so Clifford just throws him against a wall. Then he starts strangling Cecile. Fortunately, Barry and Ralph make it to the portal right on time. Ralph takes over Clifford’s body. Does this mean Ralph now has all the bus meta’s powers? Seems not. Oh well.

Stars in their multitude

Because Clifford had been mentally operating the satellites, his lost to Ralph means Marlize can now shut them down. However, he was also the one who sent the satellites into orbit. One is now going to fall and crash into Central City. The ‘stars’ from Barry/Harry’s ramblings refer to pieces of the satellite raining down as flaming meteors. Ralph and Cisco get everyone out of the way. Now there’s just the main satellite body left.

Barry plans to sonic-punch the satellite. Marlize points out that given the size of the instrument compared to Barry, the impact might destroy him instead. However, as Barry runs towards the satellite, there’s a streak of purple lightning following him, and we see someone punch the satellite with him.

the flash
image: sseureki – tumblr

The city is saved! Barry is burnt, though his cowl is still mostly intact. The citizens gather to applaud him.

Back at Star Labs, Marlize gives Cisco a device to restore Harry’s mental capabilities. Iris invites her to join the team. Marlize instead chooses to return to her former work of helping poorer communities with her inventions. Kim Engelbrecht has given a wonderful performance this season. I wouldn’t be opposed to her helping the team out in season 5.

Marlize’s device works in restoring Harry…somewhat. He can talk and think again, but has better social skills and no 7-PhD-level intelligence. Essentially, his IQ and EQ are more balanced. I can’t believe they found a way to reboot Harrison Wells again. He decides to return to Earth-2 to visit Jessie.


Cecile delivers her and Joe’s child, Jenna Marie West. The team throw a party at the West house. Even Wally is here! (No he did not bring a Beebo toy for his new sister.) Iris talks to Barry about having children one day. The next moment, Girl Who Surely Must Be Dawn Allen walks in and confirms that she is indeed Dawn Allen, though she goes by Nora. (The character’s full name in the comics in Nora Dawn Allen.) The gang recognise her. They also point out the fact that she’s wearing the unique jacket from Iris’ speedster outfit.

the flash barry allen
image: kevinskeller – tumblr

Nora tells Barry and Iris she is their daughter from the future, and she thinks she made a “big, big mistake”. Say whaaaaa??

Looks like screwing with time runs in the family. Runs. Ha.

That’s it from season 4 of The Flash! It was my greatest pleasure writing these recaps and I hope you all enjoyed reading them! Of course, bring on your season 5 theories! You can reach me on Twitter at @ellenlakeHg, or hit us up on one of the Pure Fandom pages – Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below. See you all in season 5!


  • “You can thank your wife too.” So Captain Singh knows Iris is the Anonymous Central City Citizen running the blog but doesn’t know Barry is the Flash. Okay.
  • “Have you seen him?” “A good Devoe? No, just the evil floating variety.”
  • “Hey, Attack of the Clones! Come and get me.”
  • “This calls for a toast.” *nothing happens* “I said, ‘this calls for a toast’!” *Wally zooms in with drinks*
  • “Did you find what you’re looking for?” “Yes. I think fighting a time demon helped.” “Hmm…(?)”
  • Barry getting flustered when he thinks Iris wants to start making a baby right now?? and then Nora walking in five seconds later.
  • “This house is bitchin’.” – NORA DAWN ALLEN, EVERYBODY.

We will always have The Flash! Relive your favourite parts of the season with the articles in our Flash Zone!

(featured image: the CW)


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