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‘Once Upon a Time’ series finale: “Leaving Storybrooke”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 22, “Leaving Storybrooke,” aired May 18, 2018.

Okay, I can explain the delay in this article. I needed time to digest the episode, as this is the last time I will ever recap for this fandom, and that’s simply too much to take in. Plus, after the episode, I just really needed ice cream because nothing goes better with tears than that. Wow, the book has closed, and it did not disappoint. What made it even better was seeing our favorites all come together again.

Storybrooke to the rescue! Maybe…


Alice and Robyn arrive in Storybrooke to recruit some help for Henry. However, they didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome. Instead, a few of the dwarves chased after them with their pickaxes. Ah, it seems like not much has changed in the quaint town of Maine. It was hilarious how badly they still take to new people arriving in their town. Not that I blame them considering Alice and Robyn almost ran them over and ruined their lunches. I get pretty grumpy when I drop my lunch, so I get it.

We also get the best Zelena interaction ever. She’s still driving about and when Robyn and Alice approach them, she’s a little annoyed. “Yea, it’s me, the Wicked Witch. I’m fabulous.” That was just so Zelena. Robyn tries her best to explain the funky timeline, but the point being, she needs her help for Henry.

A royal save


Nonetheless, they arrive back in the other realm with some help. Wish Henry is still being a little brat, which can I say that I absolutely love! Jared Gilmore really just played evil Henry so well. That may be my favorite Henry ever. So, he’s trying to murder Regina, but Regina is trying to make him give up his revenge. He’s not about that, however. The next logical step is for him to lock Regina up in a dungeon. Adult Henry comes to her rescue, but there are the black knights to worry about. Until two black knights swoop in to save Henry and Regina. Yep, Snow and Charming are in the house…I mean, dungeon.

Doing what Snow and Charming do best, they set a plan of action. And, of course, we get a Snow speech. I’ve missed those dearly; it was so refreshing to hear again! Regina and wish Henry end up in a sword fight until wish Henry realizes that maybe there are people out there who love him. Thank goodness for Snow and Charming!

The madness ends


Hook and Rumple end up escaping the snowy landscape with the help of Alice’s magic. Rumple goes to end wish Rumple once and for all. This is the scene where I was on the edge of my bed. It was all so stressful! Rumple gave books for each character to wind up alone in, so the portals begin to open to take them into the books by themselves. Alice is close to being sucked in, but Hook, despite the pain in his heart, manages to grab ahold of her.

Rumple and wish Rumple are still battling it out. Seeing Hook out cold on the ground because his heart was quickly giving out, Rumple jumped into action. He did the one thing that would make him a hero: he gave Hook his heart to save him. Thus, ending wish Rumple’s existence and his own. Okay, I have to admit, this scene probably made me cry the most. Rumple did such a selfless thing, knowing this would not bring him to Belle. It was the perfect character development that I’ve been craving for him. Well done, Rumple. Also, Regina’s reaction to seeing Rumple dead really hurt me.

Reunions that made me ugly cry


Rumple and Belle are finally reunited as what the creator’s said was Heaven. When they showed the well they got married by, I wanted the pain to just stop. It was a bittersweet reunion, but one that Rumple had been working toward, so it was great to see it.

The other reunion that made me cry was Robin and Regina’s. I hadn’t known in what capacity he was returning in, but it ended up being a dream of sorts. It was so heartbreaking to hear them talk about the short amount of time they had together. So true, if I do say so myself. However, Robin said something that really resonated with me; it was really powerful. He told Regina that “your life is the truth that no path is set.” It was just really meaningful and made me think.  All of these ship reunions was just too fragile for my heart.

“Sorry I’m late!”


This. This was my favorite scene of the finale. Regina decides to bring all of the realms back to Storybrooke so everyone can be together. Snow and Charming bring it upon themselves to give Regina a coronation, making her queen of the realms. When Regina notices someone is missing, Snow says, “the baby was probably fussy.” This is when I screamed, “Captain Swan baby!” It was actually happening.

Clad in a red leather jacket over her ball gown and a baby bag, Emma comes barging in with Killian at her heels carrying their baby daughter. SCREAMS! So fitting for those two. “Sorry, I’m late.” This paralleled perfectly with Regina interrupting her parent’s wedding all those years back. It was a pretty priceless scene. Emma goes to join adult Henry and tells him to lend his step-father a hand, to which Killian teases that it’s a tired joke in their household. I love that they’re still so flirty with each other. Throughout the crowning, we see Emma and Killian holding their daughter, Hope, with so much love in their eyes. They are so in love with not just each other, but their product of their true love. How lucky were we with Captain Swan? They had quite the journey.

Well, this it, Oncers. The story has closed on a seven-year journey, and it’s been such a great time. This show will live in the hearts of many and will hopefully continue to impact you as it’s impacted me. What did you think of the series finale? Sign off below or tweet us.

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