‘Gotham’ season finale recap: 4×22 “No Man’s Land”

Gotham season finale recap: Season 4, Episode 22, “No Man’s Land,” Aired May 17, 2018
Happy season finale, Gothamites! It’s such a bittersweet night as we get another chapter in the insanity that is Gotham, but it’s also the last recap for a while. Luckily, Gotham was recently renewed for one final season, so I am very happy to say I will see you back next season for some more madness in the last installation of this Batman prequel.

Let’s jump into “No Man’s Land” – a whirlwind of a season finale!

But wait… there’s more

Gotham No Man's Land season finale recap 4x22 Jeremiah and Bruce

With Jeremiah behind bars at the GCPD, Jim assumed the bomb threat was settled. That is, until Jeremiah reveals that there are more bombs than Jim knew the locations of. In exchange for some time with Bruce, Jeremiah tells Jim he’ll reveal the location of the remaining bombs. Sounds like a trap to everyone.

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 recap Jim Gordon gets taken out of the GCPD

But the GCPD falls into other hands in this time of crisis, so Bruce is brought to Jeremiah against his will. Jeremiah tells Bruce about how alike they are because of the darkness inside them both. Bruce resists (yes, Bruce, yes!). Then, Jeremiah reveals his ally in Ra’s al Ghul. Oh, and this reminds Bruce that he’s Ra’s al Ghul’s heir. What a fun reminder Bruce totally didn’t want.

The other Doctor Strange

Looks like the team of Penguin, Grundy, and Tabby were able to find Hugo Strange after all. And the episode starts with hope for Butch. Through some anti-toxins and fresh blood from a few captives, the belief is that Grundy can once again return to his form as Butch. Something tells me this won’t be as easy as Strange makes it sound.

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 recap Solomon Grundy back to Butch with Hugo Strange

Well, it wasn’t, but not in the way I thought. Butch returns to himself, which is almost weird to see after getting used to Grundy. But then, Penguin shoots newly vulnerable Butch in front of Tabby as revenge for her killing Penguin’s mother. That was such a sweet moment for all of a minute.

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 recap Butch and Tabby and Penguin

“Good morning, sweetheart”

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 recap Ed Nygma The Riddler captures Jim Gordon

The Riddler hits Jim with a sleeping dart, then takes him prisoner in the Narrows. His aim is to kill Jim, and to make him suffer in the process. His jealousy of Lee’s previous feelings for Jim knows no bounds. However, Lee – Queen of the Narrows – steps in and convinces The Riddler to let Jim go before catching Jim when he escapes and giving him a parting kiss. Looks like everyone wants to be with Lee.

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 Nygmakins kiss Lee and Ed

Too bad for The Riddler, as Lee ends things with him before stabbing him before he can stab her, but he manages to get a knife into her anyway. The both of them share a moment while they’re bleeding and in pain, so naturally, they kiss… and then collapse. They end up in the hands of Strange. I’m excited to see what he does with them.

“Don’t we make quite the little gang?”

Ra’s al Ghul comes to Barbara with an offer: Join him as he leaves Gotham, and the two would rule the League of Shadows together. Barbara seems to consider the proposal, but we learn soon that she is planning on killing Ra’s with the help of Tabby, Alfred, and Penguin.

Gotham No Man's Land season final 4x22 recap Barbara Kean kills Ra's al Ghul

Meanwhile, Ra’s and Jeremiah take Bruce to a place from which they can safely watch as Gotham is demolished, since Jeremiah so easily escaped the GCPD and took his bombs back. Their destruction-watching party is interrupted by Barbara and her little gang. In the following fight, Barbara gets Bruce’s hands on the blade as she stabs Ra’s with it, killing him once again. And with Ra’s dead again, the League of Shadows finally decides that Barbara is worth following. But she wants a men-free zone, and that is arranged by her loyal female followers. The Siren Zone is no men allowed!

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 recap Ra's al Ghul killed by Barbara

One more little gang comes back this episode. You didn’t forget about the Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Firefly, and the other escaped Arkham gang, did you? Well, they’re back, and along with Penguin, they’re taking Gotham for themselves.

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 recap Mr. Freeze

Gotham’s Dark Knight

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 recap Bruce Wayne Batman

Bruce comes to the conclusion that Ra’s is right and that he can’t leave Gotham because he is meant to stay and become the hero the city needs. Bruce sends Alfred out of Gotham with Selina so that he will know she’s safe when she recovers, and he takes on Gotham as his responsibility. Seeing as the government is giving up on the city in the light of the bridges being bombed and the power going out, Gotham is going to need heroes like Bruce and Jim.

Gotham No Man's Land season finale 4x22 recap Bruce and Jim bat signal

Jim shines a search light into the dark sky, and Bruce answers the call. Bat-Signal much? We are so, so close to seeing a full-fledged Batman!


Thanks for braving “No Man’s Land” with me! Man, this episode was so good up through the very last scene. Some reminiscing with Jim and Bruce was the perfect ending to the season. We got a little preview of what’s to come next season, along with some major steps towards our endgame: Batman. With Selina still hurt, most people leaving Gotham, the city being taken over by lowlifes, Barbara’s man-hating rage, and Bruce and Jim’s heroic team-up, I cannot wait to talk to you next season!


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