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The Originals 5×05 recap: Standing up to hate, and loving yourself

The Originals 5×05 “Don’t It Just Break Your Heart ” aired May 16, 2018.

Guys! This show is melting my heart each week. The journey of Klaus and Elijah on this show is continuing to get more in-depth, adding new layers to each of their insecurities and emotions. Each new character and “big bad” serves a bigger purpose than creating conflict—it weaves into the episodes’ theme of acceptance and diversity. Let’s break down 5×05’s best moments.

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Klaus FINALLY realizing his own turmoil and shame was never just his burden to bear.

Klaus’ monologue to Marcel at the end of the episode was beautifully tragic. It has taken a few seasons on The Vampire Diaries and five seasons on The Originals for his arc to come to this. When he saw his daughter attempt to suppress a core part of herself, to be ashamed of who she is, the lightbulb finally turned on. It all finally clicked. You cannot fight hate with hate—it only creates more ugliness in the world. Klaus realizing that responding to Augustus’ ignorant and violent ways all those years ago spawned more violence is a massive turning point.

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The themes of hatred, shame, and acceptance.

I’m anxious to see what Klaus does next. It’s not likely that he, Greta, and bad-boy vampire Roman will all come to a truce and live happily ever after. Say what you will about the Mikaelsons—yes they have made mistakes, but they’ve never been ignorant. Greta and her husband were brutally murdering people solely because the were different. If you haven’t picked up on the obviously comparison to Nazis, that is same plane Greta and her followers are on. We predicted that’s what Roman was in earlier episodes, but the reveal that he’s Greta’s son—and Antoinette’s brother—was quite the twist.

I love, love, love, that Klaus refused to let Hope suppress a part of herself. Seeing him truly be a father and continue to hammer-in to her that she should love each and every part of herself is a complete full-circle for Klaus. This is the peak of Niklaus Mikaelson’s development, and it’s unfolding beautifully.

Antoinette’s reveal—should we forgive her?

It’s apparent that Antoinette has definitely never been on the same page as the rest of her family, so we can’t really blame her for fleeing and hiding—and lying to Elijah. It was actually sweet when she revealed that Elijah was the one who saved her and gave her passage to escape. The look on her face when he gave her hope of a better life brought out all the feels, and I hate to say it—but I really like her! Hayley is Elijah’s one true love, though, and so I’m keeping my loyalties to that storyline. Elijah had to go on this journey of acceptance as well—and he’ll be a better man for it.

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Elijah and Klaus realizing that you can’t escape your past mistakes, but learn from them and be the best (vampire/hybrid) you can be.

Klaus and Elijah are finally facing their insecurities. There’s no Mikael, no doppleganger to capture. The “big bad” of this season is forcing them to step back and take a look at their actions, take responsibility for the past, and accept it. Elijah has been loyal to his brother to a fault, and Klaus has put the burden of unwavering loyalty onto his family. They are both realizing that their despite how their actions unfold, everything they have ever done is to protect their family. Learning from their mistakes and showing the next generation what’s right is the best thing they can do now. Showing Hope that she should love herself and not be ashamed of who she is is now their “Legacy.” (See what I did there?)


  • The Stefan Salvatore callbacks were bringing out all the feels. Who’s down for a TVD rewatch?
  • Another mention of Alaric Saltzman… and no Ric! We all know it’s coming, and I can’t freaking wait.

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The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9pm/8c on The CW.

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