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‘The Flash’ recap: 4×22 “Think Fast”

The Flash episode “Think Fast” aired 15 May 2018.

Wait, we’re at the second-last episode of the season? Looking back, a lot of The Flash has felt like filler since the mid-season break. It’s kinda underwhelming.

Anyway, it seems like Clifford has gotten over Marlize’s departure. He impersonates John Diggle to get into the A.R.G.U.S. facility where Fallout is held. One of the staff gets a message to Iris’ blog. Clifford wants to use Borman as a radioactive battery for the satellites. This sets the stage for most of today’s superhero action.

Anyway, Diggle still hates being whoosh-ed at super speed.


Team training

Fortunately for Team Flash, radioactive metahuman batteries need to be charged for 12 hours before they can be used. They have that much time to figure out how to stop Clifford. The plan is compounded as the Thinker is holding hostages over electrical bombs. Cisco and Caitlin figure out a way for Barry to bring them into flashtime without having to hold onto to them. This would let Cisco breach the hostages to safety while Barry tries to get through Clifford’s pocket dimension. Caitlin is there with an ice-blasting glove because…well because things are better in threes I guess. Anyway, Cisco and Caitlin wear matching Star Labs sweaters to train, which is cute.

Caitlin has been seeing The Counsellor, but it is tricky explaining Killer Frost without getting misdiagnosed with some personality disorder. The Counsellor believes Caitlin is suppressing childhood trauma. Caitlin points out that all her trauma has come from her adult life. However, while training with Cisco and Barry to work in flashtime, Caitlin gets thrown into a wall by speedforce energy as she exits flashtime. The incident triggers brief flashbacks to an accident in which young Caitlin fell off her bike and then was hit by a car.

So The Counsellor was onto something! Later, Caitlin asks Cisco to help her vibe the memory. The see Killer Frost appear for a brief moment. This means that in this timeline (I have to keep reminding myself that Barry changed things last season with his Flashpoint endeavour), Killer Frost existing even before the particle accelerator explosion.

Lead the charge

At this point, Barry is just perpetually stressed out 24/7. Like I said, stressed Barry is an ass. He has a shouting match with Cisco about whether it is safe for him to let them enter flashtime with him. Cisco doesn’t back down (you go boy. Put stressed Barry in his place.) The plan commences.

So, The Flash, Vibe and Caitlin-armed-with-an-ice-glove go to A.R.G.U.S. The plan goes off without a hitch. Hostages are saved. Barry gets through the pocket dimension. Clifford DeVoe walks into the middle of a street to float his satellites up, up, and away. Barry runs up a building and uses his trajectory to throw Amunet’s metal at one of them. He hits the target. Strangely, Clifford doesn’t seem to care.

That’s because he has a backup plan: hack Gideon and use the Star Labs satellite! Barry can’t get into the time vault. He doesn’t know what to do!

Helpful Harry

God bless Harry and his penchant for addressing people by their last names. I mean, yelling “West-Allen” out loud repeatedly? What a mood. Even if he was knocking on the wrong apartment door.

A Harry/Iris team up? Another thing I didn’t expect, but worked out. When Harry passes on his Council of Emotionally Capable Wells advice (think about people’s feelings!) to Iris, she finds it really helpful. Harry is touched when she tells him as much, because he hasn’t felt helpful of late. So, Iris enlists him to help her figure out where Marlize DeVoe is. However, Iris shoots down Harry’s idea to get Marlize on their side. It’s half personal, half experience. Marlize nearly killed her. And the last time she tried to turn someone who tried to kill her (Savitar), it fell through.

Harry seeks out Iris at her apartment to apologise. Iris points out that it is her and Barry’s apartment, Then she realises Marlize must have gone back to the first place she and Clifford shared. She travels there with Harry and they are promptly confronted by a tearful Marlize. Harry tries to talk to her, but fails to verbalise. Marlize recognises this as the penultimate stages of the “enlightenment”. Marlize has lost hope, but Iris and Harry bring up her old work and speeches that had a more optimistic outlook. Iris asks Marlize what she would do for the world.

Baby West in on the way

Just a quick aside – Cecile’s pregnancy hormones are expanding her metahuman powers. She can now inhabit people’s minds. However, she has no control over this. From time to time, her character will change and she will start voicing out whatever thoughts crosses the mind of whoever she is inhabiting. At some point, she starts inhabiting Joe and grabs the katana he wanted to bring to the hospital, which makes him realise it’s a bit too much. Joe eventually manages to pull her out. It was really sweet.

The finale: what’s to happen?

Here are my wishes and theories:

  • Gideon will be involved. It will have something to do with the fact that Barry created Gideon (per season 1. Maybe he didn’t create her in this timeline, thanks Flashpoint. Or maybe the writers just forgot about that all together.)
  • Iris and Marlize will team up somehow and it will be BITCHIN’.
  • Marlize helps Harry regain his intelligence.
  • I want Cecile to somehow inhabit Clifford’s mind and spew all his thoughts, maybe control him like Professor X. But that’s probably not going to happen.
  • I think the Killer Frost thing will spill over to next season, but Caitlin will get her powers back at the last minute.
  • When all seems lost, Wally zooms in to help. He needs to see his new sis anyway. (This is a wish. I feel like it won’t happen.)
  • Iris finds out she is pregnant. Barry says his “we’re gonna need more diapers” line.
  • Girl Who Is Most Likely Dawn Allen will appear.


  • “Hey Allen, West-Allen.”
  • “Boom. Mic drop.” “Hold onto that mic.” “It’s imaginary.”
  • “He [Wally] is literally on a time ship. There is no reason he can’t be on time to meet his new baby sister.” (I guess giant Beebos conjured from magical totems don’t have cell reception.)
  • “Hey, this house is – ” “Bitchin’, yeah we know. Everybody says that.”

What do you think will happen in the Flash finale? Let us know by leaving a comment or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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