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‘Supergirl’ recap: 3×18 “Shelter from the Storm”

Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 18, “Shelter from the Storm” Aired May 14, 2018.

Superfans, this past episode was quite upsetting. Trusts were broken, a character was lost, and goodbyes were had.

The Truth of the Matter


Last week Lena and James revealed their secrets to each other. Lena figured out how to make kryptonite. James told her he was Guardian. You would think this would tear them apart. It only made them stronger.

Jimmy had one more thing to divulge to Lena.

“Supergirl asked me to break into your vault. I didn’t.”

Just like that Lena’s trust in Supergirl dissipated. Goodbye wonderful friendship. The sadness is real, folks.

The Farewell Tour


The Legionaires bid adieu. Somehow, in a way that is unclear, they manage to get their ship up and running. With the Blight defeated they can now return home. They all say their goodbyes. Then it is time for Mon-El to leave. Of course this takes forever and ultimately doesn’t even happen.

  • Mon-El still has unresolved feelings for Kara. Duh.
  • Emira tells him to stay and resolve them. She should just kick him to the curb.
  • Brainy tells Mon-El the Superfriends would have more chance of survival if one of the Legionaires stay.

Can someone tell me why they wouldn’t all stay? Instead of an 88% chance, they could have a hundred. Someone explain this! Anyways, Mon-El stays.

Sam is no more.


Meanwhile in all the chaos Reign is on the warpath. She is attacking everyone to find Ruby. Why? Reign wants to kill Ruby, because she is the last living link to Sam’s humanity. I know what you are thinking, Sam won’t let that happen. Sorry to disappoint.

  1. First, Reign kills Sam’s adopted Mother.
  2. Then, she finds Ruby.
  3. Her mask falls off and Ruby finds out the truth.

Reign almost kills Ruby, but is stopped by Mon-El and Supergirl. That’s right, friends. She actually attempts to kill her daughter. Sam as we know it is officially gone. Ruby will now fall into the care of Alex. Which I believe everyone predicted.

Where do we go from here?

Reign is captured and imprisoned. We all know that won’t stick. The team wants to try and figure out a way to get Sam back. Haven’t they already tried that? Now, Ruby knows the truth and she is mortified. Who wouldn’t be?

Supergirl decides she can trust Lena. Unfortunately for her, Lena tells Kara she no longer trusts Supergirl. You should see Kara’s face when she utters these words. It is nothing but pure sadness.

Mon-El is here. Why? I don’t know? Seriously someone explain this to me. Either tell Kara how you feel or leave. This has gone on for way too long.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? How will these last couple of episodes play out? Do you agree with Lena?

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps.

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